Ted Cruz and other Texas Republicans, you sure give us a head-scratcher on the election

Don't have to wonder anymore
The Republicans have once again shown us who they are. They blocked an investigation on Jan. 6 by a committee evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats (which would have included their ability to veto subpoenas). Now, having cynically called likely key witnesses to the select committee (who they knew would be turned down), they decided to just give it up.
Your game is obvious. The Republican Party has been and still is dedicated to desecrating our democracy since the elections.
On to the investigations and indictments of the elected and unelected who fueled the revolution against us, the people.
- Charles Stonick, Granbury
A market based carbon solution
A recent letter to the editors under the heading “Democrats doesn't really care” (June 18, C4) unintentionally made good arguments for a carbon tax.
The United States has benefited greatly from fossil fuels since industrialization and emits far more per capita than China, so our nation has a responsibility to drive robust climate policies such as carbon fees and dividends.
One of the key elements of the carbon fee and dividend is a carbon limit adjustment that charges imports from countries that are not aggressively working to cap their own emissions. The dividend also ensures that the carbon tax revenue goes back to the people, not the government. This keeps cash in the market but shifts it away from high-carbon investments.
Anyone serious about tackling the climate crisis without a growing government should take the side of global climate change experts, leading economists and business leaders. Anyone who takes climate change seriously should adopt a carbon tax.
- Garrett Pennell, Dallas
Rescue yourself on a dangerous ramp
The answer to the letter writer's July 22nd question about when the Texas Department of Transportation will do something about the dangerous ramp onto Interstate 20 from Bryant Irvin Road is simple: never. (11A)
After almost having an accident there myself and reading on Nextdoor about a woman who had a fatal accident at this point, I called TxDOT and spoke to the project's chief engineer. He informed me that his people had already lowered the speed limit to 65 and put up a sign saying "Be ready to stop" so there was basically nothing else he could do. When I asked why they weren't installing cones to keep approaching traffic on I-20 from hitting motorists entering the freeway after the standstill, he replied that cones were too dangerous.
My advice to TxDOT is either to close the entrance completely until construction is complete or to put the sign on “Warning: death trap ahead. Enter at your own risk."
- Sharon Austry, Fort Worth
We may never know for sure
There are two big secrets for this year 2021. First, why did 147 Republicans vote against the confirmation of our presidential election results, even after the January 6th Uprising in the US Capitol? It is worth noting that of the Texans who voted against the certification, there were a Senate and 16 members of the House of Representatives. This includes Senator Ted Cruz and field Reps. Pete Sessions, Beth Van Duyne, Roger Williams and Ron Wright.
Second, even though 99.5% of the more than 9,000 COVID-19 deaths in Texas since February have been among the unvaccinated, why do half of the people in our state refuse to be vaccinated?
As for the second great secret, it will probably only remain a mystery.
- Patrick M. Jenkins, Arlington
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