Ted Cruz Is Mocked For Jason Bourne Reference To CIA Recruiting Video

A CIA recruiting video to promote diversity prompted Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to refer to fictional agent Jason Bourne in his review of the clip. Twitter users took the opportunity to pounce on the controversial legislature.
The video, which focuses on a Latina official at the agency, was posted to the CIA's Twitter account last week and has made the rounds on social media. It has been criticized for perhaps trying too hard to portray its subject as extraordinary and ordinary.

"I'm no excuse me. I want you to be no excuse you, whoever you are. Whether you work at #CIA or anywhere else in the world.

Command your room. Mija, you are worth it. "
- CIA (@CIA) April 28, 2021
Cruz's lame putdown became internet fodder.
"If you are a Chinese communist or an Iranian mullah or Kim Jong Un ... would you be frightened? We are a long way from Jason Bourne," wrote Cruz, who has spent a lot of energy lately and the right buzzwords "break off culture." "And" woke up "called.
If you are a Chinese communist or an Iranian mullah or Kim Jong Un ... would that scare you?

We're a long way from Jason Bourne. https://t.co/HW8Eh9UdXa
- Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) May 4, 2021
Twitter scorched the controversial legislature for using the fictional Bourne, a spy from the books of Robert Ludlum who was played by Matt Damon in several films, to address real world problems.
"Hey, idiot:" Jason Bourne "is imaginary - like your conscience," wrote commentator Keith Olbermann.
Others on Twitter also burned the senator.
1) Jason Bourne is a fictional character
2) The President you chose is Kim Jong Un's best buddy and said you fell in love https://t.co/0iRzm57Hqf
- Mehdi Hasan (@mehdirhasan), May 4, 2021
Jason Bourne is as fictional as James Bond in case you wonder. https://t.co/a2VGDpPcxe
- Ruben Gallego (@RubenGallego) May 4, 2021
Hey, idiot: "Jason Bourne" is imaginary - like your conscience https://t.co/lAfPbP7RAl
- Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) May 4, 2021
You know Jason Bourne is fictional, don't you? The CIA has to recruit real people.

Step back.
- TedCruzMustResign (@TedResign) May 4, 2021
If a secret agent scares the people they're trying to spy on, isn't it counterproductive, Senator?

(Jason Bourne is fiction, by the way.)
- Joseph Nobles (@BoloBoffin) May 4, 2021
It's not supposed to "scare" anyone, Ted. But it sure sounds like it scares the hell out of you.
Jason Bourne is also a fictional character from a movie. It's other words, not real, Ted.
- #MedicareforAllNOW (@ JBoy02) May 4, 2021
Stupid conservatives don't know that the CIA has valued diversity attitudes much longer than other agencies, precisely because people in many hostile countries don't look, speak, or act like the average American.
- Matthew Chapman (@fawfulfan) May 3, 2021
* Matt Damon to Ted Cruz when Ted approaches Jason Bourne: pic.twitter.com/etcP1Zos7H
- ℰ ??? ‍♀️ (@pinklionheart) May 4, 2021
Man, Jack Ryan will be mad to find out that Cruz chose Jason Bourne for him ... https://t.co/qYY4L8a4tG
- Match corrects itself (@ Match907) May 4, 2021
LMAO Ted Cruz with Jason Bourne as the reason the CIA was good? The books and films are about how it tore a man to pieces and stole his humanity, then kidnapped and almost killed his wife!
- Harlequin Adams (@HaileyAdamsXXX) May 4, 2021
This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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