Ted Cruz Mocked for Mocking Trump Suck-Ups in the GOP: ‘Projection Is a Powerful Drug’

Sen. Ted Cruz taunted Republicans who servilely support Donald Trump while campaigning for Pennsylvania Senate nominee David McCormick, and seemed unable to understand the irony of his words. Following his comments, Twitter users took to social media to reaffirm Cruz's past support of Trump, despite the shameful personal attack by the former president on his wife.
"Just once would I like to see a Republican candidate stand up in a primary and say, 'I'm a moderate crusher of the establishment. I stand for absolutely nothing,'” Cruz said lightheartedly to the attendees. “It would at least be refreshingly honest. But nobody says that. And by the way, they all pledge their love for Donald Trump. “I love Donald Trump.” “No, no. I love Donald Trump more.' 'No, no, I have Donald Trump tattooed on my butt.'”
The latter comment prompted a listener to exclaim, "Let's see!" to which Cruz replied, "I like you, but not that much."
On Twitter, however, his words didn't seem to garner the same jubilant response. Twitter users were quick to point out Cruz's own complex history with Trump. As a candidate who ran against him in 2016, Cruz called him a "snoopy coward" among other things. During the primary, Trump insulted Cruz's wife on stage and insinuated that his father helped the John F. Kennedy assassin.
When Trump became the Republican-backed nominee, Cruz was quick to throw the full weight of his support at his former rival. He also sought his support for Senate re-election in 2018, telling attendees at the Texas rally that he was "honoured" to be endorsed by the then-president. "And I look forward to fighting alongside him for re-election as President of the United States in 2020!" he said at the time.
"BREAKING: Ted Cruz absurdly taunts fellow Republicans for saying how much they love Donald Trump," though Cruz himself has backed Trump after calling his wife ugly and implying that his father killed JFK. RT IF YOU THINK TED CRUZ IS A RAT WITH NO BACKPACK!” Occupy Democrats wrote on Twitter.
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