Ted Cruz says his wife is 'pissed' over leaked Cancun texts

Senator Ted Cruz's (R-Texas) wife apparently had a mole in one of her last group chats and she's not happy.
The Texas Senator sat down on the Ruthless podcast Tuesday after outraged over flying his family to Cancun while Texas suffered power outages last week. Amid the scandal, the New York Times managed to get texts that Cruz's wife Heidi sent her friends and neighbors about the trip.
"Heidi is pretty pissed off about it," said Cruz of the leaked texts. "She was actually at her neighbor's house yesterday and went through [it]."
Noting that his wife texted their neighbors, a group that includes both Republicans and Democrats, Cruz noted as an example of the "ridiculously politicized and evil" climate, adding: "Here's a suggestion: just don't do it. Be a hole. Just treat yourself as human."
The text messages received from the Times showed how quickly Cruz's far-reaching trip to Cancun came together amid the crisis in Texas. The senator's wife wrote that her house was "freezing" and asked, "Everyone can or wants to go for the week." "We can go to Cancun." The Times noted that the news "was made available to the New York Times and confirmed by a second person on the thread who refused to be identified because of the private nature of the texts." Kwame Anthony Appiah, the "internal ethicist" of the New York Times Magazine, told the Times the situation "seems to me to be a pretty substantial breach of confidentiality norms".
Cruz, who has since regretted his trip to Cancun, didn't say on the podcast if he found out who was behind the leak, though it's fair to assume that a full, possibly year-long, investigation is underway.
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