Teen leaves stepmom in tears with speech during wedding: 'The idea of a stepmom was unsettling'

The emotional speech of a teen at her father and stepmother's wedding brought TikTokers around the world to tears.
Alex, the 15-year-old daughter of New Jersey couple Daniel Anderson and Beth Lancaster-Anderson, paid tribute to the couples wedding reception on December 14, 2019, held at The Rainbow Room in New York City.
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But it wasn't until over a year later that the footage of the speech went viral after the couple's wedding cameraman Sky Cinema Films shared it on TikTok in a three-part series that has since been viewed over 42 million times.
"The idea of ​​a stepmother was unsettling before Beth came into my life," says Alex in one of the clips. "But now that she is here, I've never been happier or more excited for a stepmother who is as perfect as Beth."
"It's usually difficult to have divorced parents," she continues tearfully. “But Beth made everything worth it. Winning Beth is one of the best things that ever happened to me. "
The moving comment made Beth and Dan visibly emotional.
Ruth Samson, who has been running Sky Cinema Films in New Jersey with her husband since 2016, told In The Know that she initially made the decision to upload the clips from Alex's speech to TikTok after she shot some footage of Beth's a year after the event and checked Dan's wedding.
"We went over her wedding video because it was Beth and Dan's wedding day, and we were moved again when we saw her daughter's speech again," said Samson. “As soon as I posted it, I was surprised by the number of views. We are so glad that many people loved the video and that we can share such a touching moment with the world. "
And touch the world it sure has - the three TikToks of Alex's speech generated tens of thousands of comments, with many users voicing how the sweet family moment affected them: "Why did I just start crying ? " One user wrote.
"The fact that Beth is dying to get up and hug her," said another.
"I'm sobbing and Beth's hair is everything," remarked a third.
Beth Lancaster-Anderson, 47, told In The Know that it was nothing short of love at first sight when she met her now-husband in a New York restaurant in 2016.
"I went to a friend for dinner and she was late from work," she recalled. "I was sitting at the bar of a nearby restaurant texting my friend to see if we could postpone it as it was very cold and I was getting tired."
"Two gentlemen came in and I didn't recognize them," she continued. “I texted my cell phone, but Dan, my future husband, came to my right and I looked up and we made eye contact. To this day, we like to think of it as love at first sight as we both remember the eye contact we made. "
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The couple gave up on their original plans that night and went to dinner together, and the rest is history.
After a year of dating, Dan suggested Beth in 2017 at the same restaurant they met - the exact same places they shared their first look.
The couple's subsequent wedding in 2019 was nothing more than a family affair. Dan's two daughters, 15 and 18, welcomed Beth into their family with open arms.
Although Alex's speech has moved thousands of viewers to tears since then, Beth says her stepdaughter's words have brought her closer to home than most people can imagine.
"I was 16 years old when my late father found out he was terminally ill," she told In The Know. “He wrote me several cards during this time and the words in one of them stayed with me forever. He wrote: "Always be as nice as you are now."
"Many years later, in both my professional and personal life, I was often told, 'You are way too nice, you should be tougher," she continued. "Those remarks made me sad and even made me feel different , almost like an outsider. "
For Beth, hearing her stepdaughter describe her as "the kindest, most sincere person ever" was an understandably emotional climax to one of the core values ​​she had loved her entire life.
"When I heard my stepdaughter's words on the night of my wedding, I actually broke down," she said. "I am not a bloody mother, but I know that there is no one from whom a person would rather hear these words of praise than from their child."
"Not only am I very proud to be her stepmother, but now I can be very proud of being raised to be nice and how it made me the woman I am today," added she added. "My father couldn't be at our wedding that night, but I know Alex's words would have made him proud too."
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