Teen makes shocking discovery while exploring: 'Still at a loss for words'

During the Randonauting, a Reddit user came across a stray dog ​​and decided to give it a home forever.
For those who are not familiar, "Randonauting" uses a random number generator to determine certain coordinates in your area. (More on this here.)
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To have an authentic randonauting experience, you need to set a goal before exploring the given coordinates. Well, Reddit user sarcatt set a "dog" identity - and so it happened that she crossed the paths with her new furry friend.
"I've been wanting a dog for some time, so I thought I would set out to be a dog for fun (I'm skeptical and didn't expect anything)," she said. "I used Attractor and the app led me down a gravel road that I didn't even know existed, which made me feel weird."
"I didn't see anything at first and kept going until I saw a stray," she continued. "He came right up to me when I called him and it was obvious that someone had probably owned him before. I assume he was dumped because he was kind but skinny. I took him home shortly thereafter. Still speechless that this happened. "
Sarcatt isn't the only one who has had success with the Randonautica app. On the Subreddit r / Randonauts, people shared their successful exploration efforts with everything from an "old car" intent to an "alarming" intent.
Discover at your own risk!
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Teen finds and takes stray dog ​​home during the Randonauting session and first appeared on In The Know.

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