‘Teen Mom’s’ Farrah Abraham Shows Off ‘Fresh Skin Waxed Off’ Her Face

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Farrah Abraham isn't afraid of a little face wax and filter.
The Teen Mom grad took to Instagram on Sunday, Nov. 27 to promote her own version of body positivity.
She shared one of The U.S. Sun posted an article titled, "Teen mom Farrah Abraham looks unrecognizable in resurfaced photo as fans claim it's 'so sad' to see the star's changes."
Farrah calls out publications criticizing her looks
Farrah retaliated by saying: "I just wanted to do this video, no makeup, no filter, fresh skin waxed off my face and I want to tell everyone that they are ashamed of anyone who cares about their health , its care, you're like not a fan, not a supporter. The message of "Oh my god, Farrah is unrecognizable ... I recognize myself more than ever and that's me at 31 compared to when I was 16 and a teenager."
Farrah recognizes herself more than ever
She went on to say that she looked "freaking amazing" and what she showed was completely natural.
Farrah accused trolls of "emotional abuse" and "gaslighting."
"It's not right, it's not the facts, it's denial and being kind to others. Take care of your health just like I do," she continued. "I love how I look, I love how I'm aging and it's beautiful."
In the same breath she used a custom made filter over her face.
“Why did I create a filter? So if I don't have time to do my makeup and all that stuff... it's taken care of," she said.
Farrah promotes body positivity and face filters
While Farrah maintains her "health," she may need to take some fire safety courses.
The former 'Teen Mom' star set fire to her Texas home.
Well, before you ask if it was arson, it isn't. According to Farrah and the Austin Fire Department, this was an accident.
According to The Sun US, the Austin Texas FD was dispatched to Farrah's luxury apartment building at 00:30 on September 9. She moved into the high-end apartment building in August.
Farrah caught her apartment on fire
On September 9, Farrah had lit a candle on her patio and forgot to blow it out before going inside the apartment and falling asleep.
According to a statement from the Austin Fire Department, the fire started when "a candle tipped over and caught a chair on fire."
The AfD assumed the fire was an accident and no investigator was called to the scene.
A source revealed to the outlet: "Farrah left a lit candle unattended on her patio after going inside and falling asleep. Their patio furniture caught fire and triggered the sprinkler systems, the fire brigade was called and part of the building was evacuated at around 12:30 p.m.
Farrah's teenage daughter Sophia was in the home at the time of the fire. Fortunately, neither Farrah nor her daughter were injured in the fire.
On the contrary, the reality TV star's home suffered significant damage.
Before the freak accidental fire, Farrah made headlines for her parenting choices.
Many people on social media accused the MTV star of "grooming" Sophia.
In early September, 13-year-old Sophia Abraham TikTok shared a video about a sweepstakes.
In it, the teen has a voiceover saying, "Hey guys, I'm doing a giveaway for my subscribers! To win a dose of rose black and white teddy bear: you and your friend must message me on Insta in my subscribers feed and say you want to enter the draw.
In case you don't know what the "subscriber feed" is, it's basically a subscription on Instagram for a specific influencer.
Farrah Abraham
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