Teenager lashes out over parents’ household ultimatum: ‘He has six months to move out’

A mother is stunned by her son's decision to drop out of high school and become an influencer.
She attended Reddit's "Am I the A ******" forum to share her dilemma. The woman's 17-year-old son requested that she and her husband allow him to drop out of high school. The teenager struggled at school but was placed with reduced duties, therapy three times a week and the help of his mother.
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The teenager's mother told him he could get out, provided he moved out and supported himself. When she said this, the teenager hit her.
"He told us over dinner that he needed our signatures to leave school," she wrote. "He told us that if we don't sign the forms when he turns 18 in May, he'll sign the forms himself and get out. My husband asked what plans he had when he got out, such as work, living conditions and transportation, and he said he would stay here so he wouldn't have to worry about it. "
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"We both told him that if he dropped out of school he would not live here, that he would have six months to find a job, an apartment and his own transport to get to and from work," explained the mother. “We told him that if he made an adult decision to drop out because we wouldn't, he would have to feed himself. [...] Our son called us both "stupid holes" and said to us "we don't understand that he doesn't want to work like dad". "
Reddit users agreed with the mother on this one.
"Your son is well on his way to learning some very difficult life lessons," said one user.
"Here he will learn the truth about growing up." someone else commented.
"Your son needs a good dose of reality," wrote another person.
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