Teenager slams boyfriend’s mom over ‘highly invasive’ dating rule: ‘She shouldn’t have asked me that’

A teen triggers a wave of internet outrage after sharing the "highly invasive" demand she received from her boyfriend's mother.
The 18-year-old, who explained her dilemma in Reddit's AITA forum (Am I The A ******), described how her first meeting with her boyfriend's parents turned into an in-depth conversation about birth control.
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"We had a conversation during dinner and his mother asked me if I would take the pill right in front of my boyfriend, his twin brother and his father," said the Redditor.
Ultimately, this question resulted in the friend's mother telling the teenager that she would have to start birth control if she wanted to continue dating her son.
"I snapped somehow"
The teenager further said that the question was "embarrassing", especially since she was asked in front of her friend's entire family. However, she still answered and told the mother that she had no birth control.
"[His mother] said that if I wanted to go out with her son, I would have to do [birth control] and that I would have to prove that I was there the next time I met her," wrote the 18-year-old.
After the uncomfortable exchange, the teenager announced that she was leaving, which led to her boyfriend's mother saying she was overreacted and "rude".
"At that point, I snapped and told her it was a very personal question and she shouldn't have asked me that in front of everyone," wrote the Redditor. "And if she had asked me privately, it might have been different."
"That's none of your business"
The post, which garnered more than 700 comments in less than a day, seemed to annoy many editors, most of whom were on the teenager's side.
Some wrote that the mother was "disrespectful" by even asking about such a sensitive topic.
"Your medical information is none of your business, and especially not the entire business of the dining table," wrote one user. "And it's even more of no concern when she meets someone for the first time."
Others seemed more shocked that the mother felt comfortable dictating her son's dating life and calling her behavior "controlling".
"The mother was completely out of line. If she is concerned that her son is pregnant with a young girl, she must make sure that she has taught HIM to use condoms, ”suggested one commenter.
Many seemed to repeat the idea that the mother should be more concerned about her son's safe sex practices than his girlfriend's. Ultimately, the vast majority of editors viewed the teenager as "NTA (Not The A ******)" in this situation.
"NTA, it's up to you and your BF to discuss and arrange things together. I hope your friend prevailed over his disturbing mother!" Another user wrote.
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