Teenager stirs controversy after resisting parents’ ‘insane’ vegan diet: ‘I will eat what I want’

A teenager triggers a widespread debate after sharing his reaction to the "control" of his parents' new household rules.
The 17-year-old, who posted under the username veganmomthrowaway, shared his dilemma in Reddit's AITA forum (Am I The A ******). In the post, the teenager described the great family drama he had experienced since his parents switched to a vegan diet.
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"My sister recently showed my parents a documentary about the environmental impact of meat consumption and the slaughterhouse where animals are killed," he wrote. "They decided to become a vegetarian, but later learned that dairy products said they violate cows and decided to go vegan!"
Meanwhile, the redditor continued to eat meat while his parents and younger sister were completely vegan. However, this balance eventually ended, leading to a major argument over the family dining table.
"You are freaking out"
The teenager explained that his parents originally supported his decision to still eat meat so that he could have what he wanted for dinner every night. Eventually, however, they changed their minds and told their son it was time to switch to a vegan diet.
"I said I wanted to continue eating meat and dairy products, but they didn't benefit. They told me it was time to stop contributing to animal abuse and I should just give it a try, ”the redditor wrote.
So the teen bought some food supplies with money from his part-time job and tried to cook meals himself. His parents initially seemed to agree to the compromise, saying they were more concerned that meat was a "waste of money".
The teenager cooked his meals for a few days, but one night things got to a head when he ate a burger and his parents "freaked out".
"I will eat what I want"
Despite his parents' outrage, the teenager ended his burger and continued to fight with his family.
"We had dinner and afterwards my parents told me I had to" hug "the vegan diet. I told them I would eat what I wanted and they didn't have to pay for it or cook it," he wrote.
The 17-year-old went on to say that since eating, things have been quiet and uncomfortable while eating family food - apart from the occasional encouragement from his parents to avoid meat and dairy products.
"Meals have been pretty quiet since then, unless we eat meals that don't contain meat or dairy, where one of my parents usually says I should just eat vegan all day," he wrote.
"I hope he moves out as soon as possible"
The teenager's post received over 1,200 comments in just one day, with many users describing his parents as "judgmental," "crazy," or "controlling."
"Your parents are the worst vegans," wrote one user. "Just being vegan for a short time and already having a chip on my shoulders while forgetting that they had decades when they couldn't take care of the animals."
"There are so many moral choices in life that it is more than silly to make general moral judgments based on nutrition," added another. "I hope [he] moves out as soon as possible."
"And that's why people hate vegans," said another.
Ultimately, the majority of users felt that the teenager was NTA (Not The A ******), and many praised them for trying to take matters into their own hands.
"If you buy your own meat products and still eat with the family (no idea if it's a big deal for your family, but definitely mine), there should be no problem," wrote one commentator.
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The Teen Stirs Drama post, after opposing the parents' new vegan diet, first appeared in In The Know.

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