Tenet actor Kenneth Branagh reveals Christopher Nolan’s approach to avoiding spoiler leaks

Kenneth Branagh in Tenet
Nobody knows what Tenet is all about, not even some of its actors. There is a reason for that. Kenneth Branagh, who is expected to appear in the time-consuming summer blockbuster, has outlined the surprisingly reserved approach taken by Tenet director Christopher Nolan to prevent spoilers and scripts from coming out.
First there is the personal touch. As Branagh Collider explained, Nolan delivered his screenplay by hand.
“The door knocked, I opened the door and there was an international film director named Chris Nolan at the door. He had an envelope under his arm and said, "I came to deliver the script to you." It couldn't be more personal, "said Branagh.
Of course, the little thing of the Tenet plot and the details of the story inevitably arose. Branagh, who may have thought of his days as insider tips at the MCU as Thor director, asked, "How are we going to talk about this?" The answer, "In 24 hours, sir, I'll call you and we'll discuss it."
"It's that simple," continued Branagh. "[Nolan] says, 'It would be nice if we could keep this to ourselves ...' Nobody signs anything. It's a handshake and a certain amount of trust."
So no NDAs, no locked rooms for access to scripts and certainly no blood oaths. There is only one handshake, your word and that of Nolan. And Tenet is safe.
This level of trust understandably caused some dismay at Branagh, who said, “When there are new scripts, I run to Chris' associate producer Andy [Thompson], who either takes my script away or replaces the pages that are changed. But I never want to have a script that is not in my pocket. "He later joked," If you travel to a place and read it ... honestly, think about it in a Nolan film before your passport. "
Presumably every leading actor in Tenet was trusted in a similar, understated way. The proof is in the pudding: the only thing we learned from Branagh's words about Tenet is that maybe we shouldn't go on vacation with him soon.
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