Tens of thousands of Brazilians and Venezuelans illegally cross US-Mexico border

Tens of thousands of migrants from South America have flown into Mexico since late summer and flown to a remote part of Arizona as news spreads well beyond Central America that the United States' southern border is pervasive, according to two people familiar with changing migration are tendencies.
More than 7,000 Brazilians and Venezuelans were found illegally crossing the border near Yuma in August, an unusually high number of people who came from countries outside of the usual El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, whose citizens are most likely to come to the United States escape.
Officials working in the Yuma area told the Washington Examiner that the number rose significantly from 7,000 in September and October.
"Every single person has plane tickets to Mexico," said one person who works with migrants in federal custody. The officer asked to remain anonymous. "Venezuelans say, 'Oh, I left three days ago." "
Border guards and local contractors holding and handling migrants were shocked at the amount of money the migrants are carrying, the same official said. Migrants coming from Central American countries usually cross the border with their clothes on and nothing else.
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“We are surprised at the amount of money that Venezuelans and Brazilians in particular arrive with. The minimum I've seen a Venezuelan with cash at, I'd say roughly, is about $ 500, ”said the same person. "You come with luggage - branded luggage."
Theresa Cardinal Brown, executive director of immigration and cross-border policies at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington, said the middle class exodus from South America is likely the result of complex situations at home where poverty, government corruption and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are all made life very difficult.
"Their bourgeois lifestyle is gone and with the last of the money they are trying to get to the United States, where they can maintain that bourgeois lifestyle," Brown said on a phone call.
Unlike those from Central America, these migrants do not travel to the United States on foot or by car. Most fly to Mexico City or cities on Mexico's northern border and then take buses north or taxis when flying to the border. Migrants cross the border in an area where the construction of the wall has stopped. The gap in the massive wall essentially directs illegal traffic into that one area.
South American migrants flying into Mexico have received permits from the Mexican government allowing them to enter the country on the basis of emigrating to the United States as identification documents, the first official said.
The border police arrested around 1,000 people in Yuma three weeks ago, an exceptionally high number. Law enforcement agencies picked up agents from other regions and put up tents outside to detain migrants while they were being processed. According to Rafa Rivera, president of the National Border Patrol Council for the Yuma Chapter, which represents border guards, around 4,000 people were in federal custody in Yuma alone in early October. Around 1,000 people sat in a long hallway, waiting to be processed.
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“The hallway was full of families. You couldn't walk without stepping on someone, ”said the first person. “The people who didn't fit in the hallways had to put them outside. And they had to build a chain link fence or pen and keep them waiting outside. It was like something out of a movie. "
In mid-October, between 500 and 600 people are encountered at the border in Yuma daily, excluding those who evade law enforcement and flee.
Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls told the Washington Examiner in March that the city lacked the resources, staff and money to help the few hundred people who arrived daily this spring. The city of 96,000 does not have a single non-profit organization that focuses on migrants, and its accommodations are already almost occupied by homeless people, the mayor said.
The situation in Yuma is no different from any other region on the 2,000-mile southern border, where illegal crossings are on the rise after the Biden administration's repeal of Trump-era policies and the coronavirus pandemic.
Venezuelans and Brazilians have crossed the border in other regions at unusually high levels since the government's fiscal year began in October 2020. The focus of the Biden government is on solving the "push" factors that drive people from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to migrate to the US must change to include factors that people from other countries such as Brazil and Venezuela do move to come, Brown said in an interview earlier this year. Otherwise, Central American migration will decline, but global migration to the US will continue to increase.
The border police could not comment.
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Original Location: Tens of thousands of Brazilians and Venezuelans illegally cross the US-Mexico border

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