Terry Bradshaw on Aaron Rodgers: “Him being upset shows me how weak he is”

The experience of the new TB12 in Tampa certainly influenced Aaron Rodgers' desire to find a new football team. The original TB12 has some thoughts on this.
"That he's so upset shows me how weak he is," said Terry Bradshaw, quarterback of the Hall of Fame, on Monday during an appearance with Moose and Maggie on WFAN. “Who cares who you draw? I mean, he's a three-time league MVP and he's worried about this guy they pulled up to number one last year? . . . And in order for him to be upset, my God, I don't understand. Pittsburgh designed Mark Malone number one, Cliff Stoudt in the third or fourth round. I had her approaching me from all angles. I accepted because when we went to practice I wasn't worried about these guys. You know? You didn't scare me in the least. So I don't understand why he's so upset in Green Bay. . . .
"And when you fire the general manager, will he come back? Are you kidding me?" Really? "Aaron, here is it?"
So what would Bradshaw do?
"Here's what I would do," said Bradshaw. "I wouldn't move. Let him complain. Make him cry. Retire. You are 38 years old. Retire. See you later. I mean, I'm really strong at these things and it makes him weak In my view, it makes him look weak. "
Marc Malusis then asked Bradshaw if he thought it was an empty threat from Rodgers.
"I didn't think about it that much," said Bradshaw, "but give him a call."
Bradshaw then said he didn't think it was an empty threat, but he paced the possibility before repeating his core belief: give him a call.
That's what the packers seem to be doing. When Rodgers retires, he will have to repay $ 23 million in unearned bonus money, and he will also lose the $ 6.8 million roster bonus he previously earned during the off-season. Likewise, he would be giving up the $ 14.7 million base salary he is slated to earn this year. That's $ 44.5 million - and danger! does not pay near this amount.
Rodgers would also give up any remaining game of football that he can play before Father Time inevitably hits Rodgers over the head with that big-assed hourglass. So this is really the question Rodgers has to ask himself. Is he so determined to get out of Green Bay that not only would he give up $ 44.5 million, but he would never play soccer again?
Terry Bradshaw of Aaron Rodgers: "When he's upset, he shows me how weak he is," he originally appeared on Pro Football Talk
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