Terry Bradshaw Roasts Daughter Rachel's "Weasel" Ex-Boyfriend After Shocking News

An ex-boyfriend bomb.
Terry Bradshaw was never a huge fan of Rachel's ex Dustin, and he may have cracked a joke or two at his expense while the couple were still together - but as soon as he hears shocking news about Dustin tonight - new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch , Terry really lets go!
As fans of the E! I remember Dustin recently broke up with Rachel even though the two were discussing things like moving in together and getting engaged.
Take Rachel herself, who addresses her sisters Erin and Lacey in the above sneak peek clip: "The week before our trip to DC we were looking at houses in Lantana. During Valentine's Day, he says, 'Okay, me want to see What kind of rings do you like? '"
"Like, joke is on me," she adds, before further thinking about the parting in a confessional. "I'm horrified. If I thought I was married and had a couple of kids by then."
Terry Bradshaw's Girl Dad Moments
Then comes the bomb.
"Look at Dustin," says Rachel. "Definitely cheated on me."
Wait what ?!
At this point, Terry joins the girls, and Erin reveals that she has "something to show" him before whipping a photo on her cell phone.
"Who is this?" asks the NFL legend, quickly learning that it is indeed Dustin ... and another girl.
Terry Bradshaw Coins Hilarious nickname for Daughter's BF
However, Terry is still confused.
"The girl ... is pregnant?" Says Terry before he finally puts two and two together. "Stop it! What a d - k."
"Well done Dustin, you piece," he adds.
Terry Bradshaw & Rob Gronkowski sing a duet together at the Bradshaw Bunch
Rachel Bradshaw, Dustin, The Bradshaw Bunch, 103
"I can't believe the little weasel went off and a chick got pregnant," says Terry in a confessional. "And you know the next guy my daughter goes out with is going to get a full background [check] ... and a void check. Do you know what I'm talking about?"
Rachel tries to play off the situation and says she doesn't give a "crap".
"Yeah, you screw it up, that's why we're angry. I screw it up too," her father replies. "There's a reason I'm crazy. There's a reason I didn't let this clown into my circle!"
Terry Bradshaw's Fam quarantines on the ranch, but it's haunted ?!
Then Rachel says, which almost all of us can agree with, "Hey 2020, you can suck my cock."
Check out the complete look at The Bradshaw Bunch in the video above!

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