Terry Stotts says Trail Blazer defense is going to (yikes!) use some 'stuff from the past'

Terry Stotts: Trail Blazer Defense, To Add (Yikes!) Things We Did in the Past, originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest
What happens after two disastrous exhibition games in Denver when the Trail Blazers tried unsuccessfully to incorporate some new defense plans into their attack?
In its four exhibition games, Portland allowed opponents to shoot 44.8 percent off the field, beating it by 57 points from the three-point line, while beating it by a total of 30 points.
Was that too many changes too soon? Was it just not well received by the players? Is it beyond the ability of these players to achieve this? Or do they just have to give him time to assert himself?
Or is some of it simply thrown aside as unusable and thrown in the trash?
"I don't think it's just about giving it up," said coach Terry Stotts on Sunday after training. “I think it's important to be aggressive with pick and rolls and dribble handoffs and to be able to turn on the back.
"So I don't think we're going to give it up, but I think we also need to take into account some things we've done in the past."
That may sound harsh, but that last statement is a bit of a red flag.
Not sure if something the Trail Blazers have done in the past is worth an encore. This team was 27th in the defensive standings last season - behind several teams that actually refueled. And when you're fueling up, you might still be playing hard on the offense to keep your points, but the last thing you want to do is play defense.
The Trail Blazers have largely defended in much the same way throughout the time Stotts was the team's head coach. There haven't been many changes, although the league has come a long way over the past eight seasons. The teams now try to score dozen of three-point field goals in each game.
Stotts pointed out his team's defensive problems this preseason: “Some of it is tactical, some of it is communication. Some of that was teams making good games against us, so we're just very inconsistent with things we're trying to do. "
Portland is developing into a great offensive team that is expected to be in the top five in this division. All that has to be accomplished is getting the defense up to the league average and the Trail Blazers will be fine.
In other words, take defense a little beyond the point of being a lottery team.
And with the off-season supplements that shouldn't be asking too much.
But there are no longer any chances to experiment or tinker outside of practice. The season starts Wednesday evening at the Moda Center.

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