Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Update Expected In Weeks: Musk

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) is working on a general purpose self-driving solution that will turn its vehicles into autonomous cars that can drive themselves.
Tesla owners can spend $ 8,000 to purchase the automaker's complete self-driving software package, capable of responding to stop signs and traffic lights, navigating interchanges, and exiting a freeway without driver intervention.
Now CEO Elon Musk has said on Twitter that in a few weeks the next update of this software will be included in a limited beta program.
This includes employees and could even include some customers who have agreed not to share details with the public.
According to Musk, the latest update will allow for the possibility of zero intervention. While the driver would still have to be ready to take over at any time, it is possible that a vehicle can drive from point A to point B without any input from the driver.
Tesla's system is now capable of doing this on freeways, with drivers in control. It is normal for a Tesla to drive from one ramp to the next without any input from the driver. Many examples can be seen by owners on YouTube.
Gasoline Gas Attitude: While Tesla is years too late to fully self-drive, it seems that the time is finally drawing nearer.
Once this software is released, it doesn't matter if it was released in 2021 or 2017. She will be here and could turn into billions or even trillions in revenue for Tesla if the company can create a robotaxi service.
Tesla also often increases the price of the software as new features are released, which can generate additional revenue.
Photo courtesy Tesla.
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