Tesla Model S catches fire three weeks after getting sent to junkyard

In what sounds like the automotive equivalent of The Walking Dead, a Tesla Model S caught fire three weeks after its accident and was taken to a junkyard. The fire brigade struggled to extinguish the fire and ended up having to flood the battery.
The Sacramento Metro Fire Department said on its official Twitter account that it had dispatched crews to put out a vehicle fire at a junkyard. When they got there, firefighters found a burning Model S that had been destroyed in an unrelated accident about three weeks earlier. Why the electric sedan caught fire after sitting for nearly a month is unclear, but Metro Fire says the Tesla fought back.
"Crews put down the fire but it kept reigniting/outgasing in the battery compartment," it wrote on Twitter.
Firefighters found a creative way to get the blaze under control: They used dirt to create a pit, put the burning car in it, and filled it with water. The fire was extinguished after "well over an hour of firefighting" and it doesn't look like there isn't much left of the Model S or its battery.
EV fires can be difficult to extinguish. In early 2022, a huge cargo ship called the Felicity Ace caught fire while crossing the Atlantic and burned for days before sinking. While the cause of the fire has not been determined or at least made public, the captain of a port on the Azores island of Faial told Reuters that the lithium-ion batteries in the electric vehicles on board are keeping the fire alive.
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