Tesla owner says a 'safety issue' on his Model Y roof was discovered after the company scheduled an inspection days after a California family reported their roof blew off on the highway

Tesla Model Y. Tesla
Earlier this month, a California family said they were driving their brand new Tesla Model Y home when the roof peeled off the car and fell onto the street behind them.
"I looked up and the roof was gone," Walter Chien, a cardiologist from Stockton, CA, told Business Insider.
Tesla has not yet publicly commented on the report.
Now, another Model Y owner says Tesla contacted him the day after BI's report asked him to bring his car to check the car roof's "proper adhesion".
The owner says that during the inspection, the Tesla technician found the roof needs repairing and tells him it is a "safety issue".
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A second owner of the Tesla Model Y reported a problem with the vehicle's glass roof, telling Business Insider that the company had conducted an engineering quality check and determined that it was not properly installed.
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Earlier this month, a California family was driving their brand new Model Y home when the roof was blown off the vehicle, family members told Business Insider. Now another Model Y owner told Business Insider on Wednesday that Tesla had identified "safety concerns" with its roof glass.
On October 7, the day after Business Insider reported that a California family severed the roof of their Model Y on the highway, Nevada real estate agent Joe Fraga said he had received an email from Tesla.
"Tesla selected your car to participate in a technical quality study," a Tesla regional service manager wrote in an email to Business Insider. "We want to make sure you don't have any problems with the roof glass and check and validate proper adhesion."
When he brought the car for inspection on Oct. 14, Fraga told Business Insider that Tesla technicians said "it needs to be overhauled and I won't let it be taken until they're done." Fraga said the service center had told him that the repair would require primer and that the roof was a "safety issue".
Tesla has not yet publicly commented on the first report that the roof of a Model Y was "lifted off", but Fraga's story and an email to Business Insider suggest the company is concerned about the problem. In the past few months, Tesla has received repeated complaints about the quality control of its electric SUV. Early details of Fraga's roof problem were first reported by InsideEVs.
In an internal email leaked in June, Elon Musk addressed quality concerns, telling staff that they needed to minimize the need for corrections from Model Y manufacturing, according to previous reports from Business Insider. Rectification means that a car needs to be repaired between leaving the production line and delivery to the consumer.
Tesla and a Tesla service center did not respond to Business Insider's requests for comment.
The October 7 email from Tesla read:
Good Morning,
Tesla has selected your car to take part in a technical quality study to inspect Model Y roof glass. As part of Tesla's commitment to reliability, we want to make sure you don't have any problems with the roof glass, and to check and validate proper adhesion. This inspection shouldn't take more than 15 minutes and we'd like to do it for you free of charge. With the help of your Tesla Mobile App, you can make an appointment at your local service center at the time you want. Thank you for helping Tesla to continually strive for quality.
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