Tesla refunded customers who were overcharged up to $71,000 on new cars, and gave them $200 to spend at its online store

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. Maja Hitij / Getty Images
Tesla customers who were billed twice for a new car were reimbursed for the extra money a week later, CNBC reported.
Tesla offered customers $ 200 credit to spend in the company's online store.
Buyers were left with bills of up to $ 142,000 and overdraft fees were charged.
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Tesla has reimbursed customers who were charged double fees for new electric cars in mid-March and offered them $ 200 credit in its online store, six people told CNBC on Wednesday.
Tesla refunded the additional money about a week after customers told CNBC that Tesla had charged them twice without authorization and left them bills of up to $ 142,000.
Customers said they got the money back for their double fees on or before April 1, but they also had to pay the overdraft fees on their large bills.
Elon Musk's auto company sent the overloaded customers an email they shared with CNBC. She apologized and gave them a $ 200 loan. Tesla said the balance must be used on a single transaction, would expire on January 30, 2022, and could not be spent on Tesla Tequila.
Tesla didn't immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.
Three California-based Tesla customers first shared their stories with CNBC in March. CNBC journalists checked their sales contracts, correspondence with Tesla, and bank statements.
Clark Peterson, Tom Slattery and Christopher T. Lee initially told CNBC they bought Tesla, which cost between $ 37,000, the price of a Model 3 sedan, to $ 71,000, the cost of a Model Y crossover SUV with a premium -Functions, lag.
A former North Carolina bank teller who wanted to remain anonymous on privacy concerns told CNBC that he was charged twice for a new Model Y that costs about $ 54,000.
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These buyers all approved payment for their brand new EVs via ACH direct debit, but discovered the next day that the money had been withdrawn from their account twice, meaning they had spent between $ 74,000 and $ 142,000 on the cars in total.
Now they have been reimbursed, they said Tesla customer service needs improvement.
Peterson told CNBC, "While I'm glad the whole situation has been resolved, I still feel the response time was inadequate. It took Tesla days to get any response and they held on to our significant the whole time Funds. And it took five minutes to withdraw those funds from our account. "
Another Tesla customer, Terry Oelschlaeger, told Insider that he was charged a double fee for a Tesla Model Y for $ 53,993.70 on March 25. He shared his bank statement with Insider and showed a double charge for a new car.
Oelschlaeger said he called the company three times to complain and drove to a Tesla service center in California, where an employee told him the bug affected "many" buyers.
The company informed him that the refund would arrive in his bank account within one to three business days. He finally received a full payment from Tesla on March 31.
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