Texas buses taking migrants to NYC sets off firestorm from Dems, Abbott tells them to take it up with Biden

Buses transporting migrants from Texas to New York on orders from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott have sparked a firestorm of condemnation from Democratic leaders. To the Republican governor of the state of Lone Star, Northeast Democrats should urge President Biden to secure the border and fix the immigration crisis.
"This is appalling considering what the governor is doing," New York City Mayor Eric Adams said Sunday as he met migrants disembarking from a bus from Texas.
It was the second bus carrying migrants to reach New York since Friday, and Adams slammed Abbott over the move, arguing that some of the migrants on the bus wanted to go to destinations other than New York but weren't allowed.
Conservative leaders in red states along the border had threatened to send some of the record numbers of migrants who have come to the US since Biden took office to liberal cities far from the border.
"President Biden and his administration have willingly surrendered the southern border of the United States to dangerous criminal cartels, without thinking of the southern Texas border communities like McAllen and Del Rio, which are running out of resources to deal with this massive influx of illegal immigrants," Senator Ted Cruz said last year when he introduced a bill that would relocate South Texas migrants to ports of entry in liberal cities like Palo Alto, California, and vacation hotspots like Martha's Vineyard.
In April 2022, Abbott took action, sending the first bus carrying migrants from Texas to Washington, D.C. This month, two buses carrying migrants from Texas arrived in New York City, and more are heading to D.C.
FILE PHOTO: About 30 migrants disembark, after arriving on a bus from Texas, at Union Station near the US Capitol in Washington, U.S. July 29, 2022. REUTERS/Ted Hesson/File Photo
Abbott's office hit back at Adams' comment that it was "terrible" that the governor was sending buses with migrants to New York and urged him to raise the matter with the president and call for a stricter border policy.
"What is appalling is the thousands of illegal immigrants overrunning and overwhelming our frontier communities with populations smaller than a New York City borough, and Mayor Adams is hypocritically upset at welcoming a few dozen to his city of refuge," said Abbott press secretary Renae Eze told Fox News Digital on Monday.
"If the mayor wants a solution to this crisis, he should urge President Biden to take immediate action to secure the border -- something the president continues not to do," she added.
The office also hit back at New York Democrats' argument that some of the migrants who took the bus to New York wanted to go to other areas of the country but were forced to travel to the Big Apple.
"These migrants willingly chose to go to New York City after signing a voluntary waiver upon boarding, available in multiple languages, that they agreed on the destination," Eze said.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tours the U.S.-Mexico border on the Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass, Texas on May 23, 2022. (Photo by ALLISON DINNER/AFP via Getty Images)
New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Adriano Espaillat have also spoken out on the matter, writing a letter to Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas condemning reports that some migrants who have reached New York are using fake papers appear.
New York Democrats told Mayorkas that migrants receive "official Department of Homeland Security documents" with destination addresses where they could not obtain housing, and called on the DHS chief to ensure migrants receive the correct documents. They said the lack of proper documentation puts migrants at risk of missing due asylum appointments because other important documents are sent to the wrong addresses, NBC New York reported.
“In light of the recent news that the Texas governor is busing more asylum seekers into New York City, we fear that if this matter is not addressed in a timely manner, thousands of migrants will continue to be misled and denied resources to which they are legally entitled, providing them with access to food and shelter ' they wrote in the letter.
In a case currently under investigation, an immigration officer reportedly gave a migrant papers with a fake address and phone number and signed them with a hand-drawn tongue-out emoji, reported by NBC New York. ICE said in a statement to NBC New York that it "takes allegations of improper conduct very seriously" and that "any allegation of improper conduct will be appropriately investigated."
An official at Adams' office told Fox News Digital that "Texas is intentionally disrupting federal procedures as people were being forcibly busted into NYC despite having their official immigration documents for other cities and states." The disruptions increase the likelihood that migrants miss important immigration meetings and hearings, the official added.
The New York City Council held a special session Tuesday on the buses and how the city can deal with the influx of migrants. The meeting was highlighted with Abbott's sentencing and how New York's emergency shelter system is already strained and has a 1% vacancy rate.
"What's new now is the systematic diversion of asylum seekers and immigrants into New York City by outside forces, including the disgusting, cruel and cowardly actions of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott," Immigration Commissioner Manuel Castro told the city council during the hearing.
New York City Mayor Eric Adams speaks during a news conference at City Hall in New York City, U.S. January 24, 2022. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid
When asked by Fox & Friends Weekend on Sunday what "statement" Texas is sending to New York by bringing migrants to the blue voter stronghold, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said it was a message of "fairness." “.
“Part of it is that we have a significant problem at the border. You experience [NYC] just a little bit of it. I mean, it's almost a minor inconvenience for them, but it's a big problem for us. And so it's just interesting to see how some of these mayors who invited and created sanctuary cities suddenly complain that they have a few thousand immigrants when we're dealing with millions," Paxton said.
The Center for Immigration Studies released a report in June that found the "foreign-born population" in the US has increased by more than 2 million since Biden took office. In May alone, the number of encounters with migrants on the southern border hit a new record with 239,416 encounters.
A CBP source told Fox News in June that since the fiscal year began in October, there have been 440,000 known cases of illegal immigrants who have bypassed border officials, meaning there have been more than 800,000 cases of absconding since October 2020 through May this year Has.
Conservative leaders in border states and across the country have blasted the president for his immigration policies, including ending the Trump administration's "Remain in Mexico" policy and announcing an ultimately failed plan to grant citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants early in his presidential election to offer tenure, relaxation of border enforcement policies, among others.
Illegal immigrants pictured on April 1, 2022. as the deadline for Title 42's expiration approached. John Moore/Getty Images
"The Biden administration is allowing historic amounts of illegal immigrants, guns and deadly drugs like fentanyl to pour into our state and dump migrants in our border towns without assistance," Abbott's press secretary told Fox News Digital. "Texas continues to step up to respond to this crisis by deploying Texas National Guard and DPS soldiers, building our own border wall, busing migrants to cities of refuge in Washington, D.C. and New York City to provide assistance to our local partners, and now illegally sending immigrants back to the border."
The White House did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital's request for comment. Adams said Monday he was on the phone with the White House to discuss federal aid.
Abbott's office said last week that so far more than 6,100 migrants have taken buses to Washington, D.C. were brought. Dozens of migrants have reached New York City so far.
Gregory Abbott
48th Governor of Texas since 2015
Eric Adams
American politician and retired police officer

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