Texas court unanimously rules child abuse investigations into parents of trans kids can resume

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot Mark Felix/Bloomberg via Getty Images
The Texas Supreme Court unanimously ruled Friday that child molestation investigations against the parents of transgender children can proceed, the New York Times reports.
The ruling came after Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the state Department of Family and Protection Services (DFPS) to investigate the family of a 16-year-old transgender girl identified as "Mary Doe." Abbott had urged state officials to consider medically acceptable treatments for transgender youth, such as hormones and puberty suppressants, as abuse. Mary Doe's family filed a lawsuit when investigators began requesting medical records of their daughter's treatment.
All investigations were temporarily halted in March after District Judge Amy Clark Meachum found that Abbott's orders "had been improperly received and violated the state constitution." The appeals court believed officers should not pursue the investigation because it would cause "irreparable damage" to the family who initiated the lawsuit.
Friday's ruling allows Texas families to be reinvestigated while allowing "the injunction to remain in place for a family that has filed a lawsuit," writes Pink News, noting that "DFPS confirmed in March that this the case launched nine 'child molestation' investigations into the state's supportive families of trans youth.
NPR called Friday's decision "a blow to Texas families with transgender children, some of whom are leaving the state or considering relocating." However, The Associated Press reports that Omar Gonzalez-Pagan, a consultant and health strategist at Lambda Legal, suggested "the state would be foolish to do this now because these families could also apply for a restraining order."
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