Texas Governor Signs Law Banning Teachers From Talking About Racism

Texas Governor Greg Abbott
What white Americans call "critical racial theory" is what black Americans call life.
And in life, despite what Vice President Kamala Harris and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott say, America is a racist affront. It has always been like this. America is so racist it doesn't even think it's racist anymore. It just believes that blacks don't work hard, that blacks aren't killed by the police, and that the Capitol riot was nothing more than a college alliance party gone mad.
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So when they (white people) talk about banning Critical Theory of Race, they are really talking about racism. They don't want to talk about how racist America is because they can't stand being on the wrong side of history.
Isn't it like racists to forbid speaking about racism?
Well, that's exactly what Texas Governor Greg Abbott did "after signing a controversial bill that dictates how Texas teachers can speak about current affairs and America's history of racism in the classroom," reports ABC 13. Texas is now one from several states across the country that have banned teachers from talking about America's racist past and present.
What white America cannot stand is a look at how America's racist past created socio-economic structures in the American system. The GOP is against it and its shadow president Donald Trump, who called propaganda a "white privilege".
From ABC 13:
Several versions of the bill went back and forth between the two houses as the Texas Democrats raised concerns that the bill would have a deterrent effect on classroom conversations. A modified version sent back to the House of Representatives appeared dead at a time after State Representative James Talarico, D-Round Rock, armored it for a procedural violation. But it was revived by the Texas Senate later that evening after the Senators reverted to a previously approved version of the bill and sent it to the governor's office. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick had signaled support for the legislation since the beginning of the legislature.
This law, which goes into effect September 1, contains a list of constitutional documents that must be taught to students in Texas. It also includes a list of additional historical documents authored by black people and women that the House Democrats added. It also dictates that students be given “the history of white supremacy, including but not limited to the institution of slavery, the eugenics movement, and the Ku Klux Klan, and the ways in which it is morally wrong “Is taught.
Nonetheless, many educators and educational organizations had opposed the bill, which says that teachers cannot be forced to discuss current events and if they do, they must "show respect to both sides". Opponents say it restricts honest conversation about race and racism in American society and forces teachers to argue on controversial or sensitive topics, resulting in less educated students.
The law would also prevent students from obtaining loans or additional credit for participating in political activities. Oh, and you know the New York Times 1619 project is GOP kryptonite, so this too has been banned.
"The bill is kind of cleverly written," Democratic MP James Talarico, a vocal critic of the bill and former middle school teacher who now covers a district north of Austin, told HuffPost. “You can talk about race in the classroom, but not about privilege. ... It doesn't forbid talking about race, but the idea is to lay land mines so that any discussion about race in the classroom would be impossible. "
He added, "The idea is to gloss over American history from any legacy of racism."

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