Texas Man Flips Dodge Charger And Takes Off For A Jog

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Maybe he had to take his steps?
During rush hour last week, a video showed a man in a Dodge Charger off I-69 Southwest Freeway in Houston, Texas, who flipped the charger and got out. Videos posted on Reddit show the different angles of the shocking events and prove that we Dodge Charger owners are absolute hooligans.
Robert Perla witnessed the incident and said he was shocked after seeing the Charger drive in the right lane at high speed before crashing. After seeing the charger flipped over, we and his friends are understandably concerned.
"I was pretty worried," said Perla. “I thought to myself, 'Is the person okay? Do you live?'"
But his concerns were quickly allayed when the driver emerged from the charger seconds later and then took off after retrieving his shoes from the overturned car.
"He seemed perfectly fine," said Perla. "He just got out, grabbed his shoes and ran away."
The first video shows the driver panicking as people approach who were just concerned, not a herd of zombies, and then he sped away.
In the comments of this video, another user appears with a dashcam, God bless them, and it shows that this was a nasty crash before it stalled in the OP footage. Unfortunately, we can't embed it, but you can see it here - it's a pretty messy view.
Trying to comment on a Reddit post for more information is as easy as arguing with stray, rabid cats, and a local news channel shrugs, but it's safe to say the car was either stolen, or the driver was drunk. or both. Considering he 'drove it like he stole it', he probably literally was. Another charger bites into the dust.
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