Texas trooper Chad Walker dies 5 days after being shot in ambush

A Texas soldier and married father of children died five days after being shot in an ambush last week.
Texas Highway Patrol trooper Chad Walker was ambushed Friday night while responding to an apparently disabled vehicle parked on a country road outside of Mexia, a small town about 40 miles northeast of Waco. Walker, who was alone, pulled up behind the vehicle and was shot in the head and stomach before he could get out of his patrol car, according to a testimony from Todd Snyder, Texas’s Department of Public Security's regional director.
"Our DPS family is absolutely broken over the loss of one of our uniformed brothers who was killed on duty," said DPS director Steven McCraw in a statement announcing Walker's death. "Texas Highway Patrol Trooper Chad Walker is committed to protecting the people of Texas. His sacrifice will never be forgotten, and we ask that you keep his family, friends and colleagues in your prayers through the difficult days to come."
Police officers said on Tuesday that Walker "no longer shows any signs of valuable brain activity".
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"After extensive life-saving efforts by Baylor Scott and White's medical professionals, it has been determined that Soldier Chad Walker has shown no signs of viable brain activity and will continue to be life sustaining until he is given the gift of life as an organ donor," said the Texas Department of Public Safety in a statement on Monday. "This final victim embodies the actions of Trooper Walker throughout his life and service as the Texas Highway Patrol Trooper. The Walker family is grateful for the continued support and prayers that they keep by Chad's side."
Snyder alleged the alleged gunman, identified as 36-year-old Dearthur Pinson, of Palestine, Texas, saw the patrol car and "appeared immediately armed with a pistol from the driver's seat of the disabled vehicle and shot several times while on patrol at Trooper Walker Fired unit windshield. "Pinson then allegedly went back to his vehicle, got a backpack and escaped the scene on foot, Snyder said.
PHOTO: Texas state police officer Chad Walker is featured in an undated photo posted on his Twitter account with the Department of Public Safety. (Texas DPS / Twitter)
Walker, who has been a member of the Texas Department of Public Security since 2015, was rushed to a Waco hospital in critical condition. A counselor and a Texas Rangers chaplain were with Walker's wife and their 15-year-old son, 7-year-old twin daughters, and a 2-month-old girl, according to Snyder.
Since filming, more than $ 199,000 has been donated to Walker's family through an online crowdfunding campaign to help meet the family's medical expenses.
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On Saturday night, Pinson was found dead after a gunshot wound in a house in Mexia where he barricaded himself during a confrontation with authorities, according to a statement by the Texas Department of Public Security.
Texas Rangers are investigating the incident.
According to criminal records, Pinson had a history of violating the law. In November 2007, he was sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison for armed robbery in Houston County, Texas.
ABC News’s Bill Hutchinson contributed to this report.
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