Texas women sue Walmart for discrimination after employee allegedly grabbed their bag

Two women from Houston sue a local Walmart and claim that they were discriminated against by an employee because of their race.
Samantha Sharpe and her aunt Cleatris Johnson said they left the store at Thanksgiving last year when an employee asked the Houston ABC Station KTRK for their receipt.
The women noticed that two white men were walking out of the store in front of them without being checked, and so they went on, according to a statement from Sharpe's lawyer.
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A damage prevention employee came up to her and allegedly took a bag from Sharpe while shouting allegations.
During the fight, the employee damaged Sharpe's cell phone, earphones, and glasses, according to Sharpe's lawyer.
PHOTO: On May 19, 2020, a sign hangs in front of a Walmart store. (Scott Olson / Getty Images)
The lawyer added that store staff called the police after witnessing the incident, and when officers showed up, they handcuffed Sharpe.
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After checking her purchases, she was released.
"Walmart needs training and guidelines to change its racial discrimination practices," said lawyer Randall Kallinen, according to the KTRK. "There is no legal requirement for someone to present a receipt when they leave a store, even though Cleatris and Samantha have done so."
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Walmart - who was sued by a woman in 2018 for locking away African-American hair and skin products - apologized for dealing with the situation.
"In addition, our business after the incident reinforced our asset protection practices with employees in these roles," they said. "While we're not going to talk about HR issues, the employee is no longer in the company. We regret how this issue was handled and it doesn't represent the pleasant shopping experience that all customers are supposed to have with us."
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