The 10 Most Popular Movies On Netflix Right Now (Feb. 22)

"I Care A Lot" is the most popular film on Netflix according to the streaming service's public ranking system. The film is also the most popular content offering on Netflix, regardless of the format.
The new Netflix movie stars Peter Dinklage and Rosamund Pike in a dark comedy about a cheater (Pike) who trick older people into making them their guardians. Once she achieves this status, she steals her possessions. This plan works until she does this to someone with mob connections.
"I Care A Lot" has an 81% rating for rotten tomatoes.
Some horror films got second and third place: "The Conjuring 2" and the incredibly named "No Escape Room". As you hope "No Escape Room" is an escape room that is terribly difficult to escape from.
"I Care A Lot" on Netflix. (Photo: Netflix / "I Care A Lot")
Other Netflix Top 10 films include "To All Boys: Always and Forever", "Animals at Large: A You Against Wild" film, "We Can Be Heroes" and "Find Ohana". The last two have been on the list for about a month.
Both the Netflix Movie Rankings and Show Rankings have seen more content for kids and young adults recently. Half of the list falls into that bucket this week. Perhaps, better than expected, Netflix is ​​a contemporary Nickelodeon.
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Streamline (Photo: HuffPost)
10. "The Croods"
9. "Find Ohana" (Netflix)
8. "The Secret Life of Pets 2"
7. "We can be heroes" (Netflix)
6. "Animals at Large: A You Against Wild Film" (Netflix)
5. "Dogs of War"
4. "To All Boys: Always and Forever" (Netflix)
3. "No escape room"
2. "The Conjuring 2"
1. "I'm very worried" (Netflix)
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