The 12 Best Perennials for the Shade

You know that abandoned-looking part of the courtyard that never sees the sun? It could use a little love too, lady. For this reason, we looked for the 12 most beautiful perennials for the shade from our friend Kate Karam, editor-in-chief of Monrovia.
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1. Pink Elf Saxifrage
This cheerful border plant is happiest when planted in a lightly shaded rock garden or forest. (Psst: you are also happy in pots.)
2. Red leaved mukdenia
This herbaceous perennial changes color with the seasons and sprouts the most beautiful white, bell-shaped flowers in spring. Use it as a ground cover for forest gardens or as an accent for borders.
3. Blue Note Blue-Eyed Grass
How cute are these dainty blue flowers? Karam recommends putting these cuties in rock gardens or planting them near the edge of a pond.
4. Redstone Falls Trailing Foamy Bells
This curled, colorful plant is ideal as a dramatic ground cover because of its low, trailing habit.
5. Hot Lips Turtlehead
We rave about these pink, snapdragon-like flowers that thrive in shady environments and prefer moist conditions.
6. Black negligee snakeroot
Add a moody purple mood to your garden with this fragrant perennial.
7. Windcliff Fragrant Pachysandra
The unique, blooming evergreen loves shade or speckled sun conditions.
8. Chinese moonlight fairy bells
For a glowing effect, add this gorgeous green and silver white plant (which turns pink as the temperatures cool in autumn). Faint.
9. Gotemba Golden Japanese Spikenard
How beautiful are these clusters of berries? This beauty sets a sensational high accent for a partially shaded border or a forest garden.
10. Beesia
The heart-shaped leaves! The star-shaped flowers! This beautiful, uncomplicated filler is perfect for a narrow bed, undergrowth or woodland garden.
11. Burning hearts Bleeding heart
For garden romance, add these deep red flowers favoring cool northern climates and steal the show in a shade border or container.
12. Greek model plant
Once established, this beautiful structure plant is very tolerant of dry shade conditions. We call this a tough cookie.
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