The 15 Easiest Flowers to Grow Even if You Don’t Have a Green Thumb

Would you like to spice up your balcony, terrace or garden with summer flowers that add tons of color and fragrance? We've rounded up the simplest flowers to grow in your garden - the ones that will thrive even if you, um, don't have the best track record with green plants.
Remember, simply does not mean no maintenance (if only!) Is required. You still need to water your flowers the first time you plant and during dry periods (e.g. it hasn't rained in a week). It's also important to choose plants that like the lighting conditions you actually have. If you are not sure, observe your room at different times of the day for a few days. Full sun means that an area has at least 6 hours of direct sun; Part of the sun means roughly half. And full shade means your room will not get direct sun or just a little bit of morning sun. It's a waste to spend money on a shade-loving plant and then let it roast in the hot sun. The same goes for sun worshipers who don't thrive or bloom in the shade.
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That said, here are our favorite flowers that are super easy to grow in containers and beds:
1. Marigold
They must be marigolds. The easiest. Flower. Ever. They come in bright, cheerful colors, including sunny yellows and oranges, and a variety of heights from around 10 to 18 inches. They do well in beds and pots and last all summer well into autumn. Bonus: They're cheap and sold almost everywhere. Give them full sun to thrive.
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2. Sweet Alyssum
Are you looking for a sweet smelling flower that will work in mixed containers or one that will drop dramatically from window boxes? Choose cute alyssum - it ticks both boxes. Oh, and some species are sowing themselves for return next year. It comes in white, pink, and purple and is loved by pollinators. Sweet Alyssum likes full sun but takes a little shade.
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3. Lantan
If you have a hot, dry area and poor soil, choose Lantana. It comes in gorgeous, saturated colors like pink and orange, and once established, it is drought tolerant. Lantana is considered annual (meaning it lives one season) in cold climates, but is a shrubby perennial in warm regions. Give Lantana full sun.
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4. Begonia
Begonias come in hundreds of different colors, heights, and shapes. They are extremely hardy and are ideal as container plants. Many species of begonia prefer full shade, but some varieties mainly need sun.
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5. Calibrachoa
Resembling petunias but actually a different flower, these beautifully draped annuals come in every color you can think of, including pinwheels in two different colors. They're incredibly sturdy and look amazing in pots and flower boxes. They bloom from planting to frost. Give Calibrachoa full sun.
6. Purslane
This succulent plant doesn't mind neglect and thrives in heat, poor soil, and drought. Its glowing flowers hug the ground, but come in a striking color palette. Give purslane full sun.
7. Impatient
Impatiens are reliable shade lovers that do well in window boxes, pots and flower beds. Look for newer species like beacon that were bred to be more resistant to downy mildew, a disease that ravaged the most popular species, Impatiens walleriana, in home gardens and nurseries a few years ago. Give full shade to the impatient.
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8. Fireworks system
Scorching hot where you live This plant doesn't care. The cracker plant, also called cuphea, has long, tubular flowers that pollinators, especially hummingbirds, love. Give Cuphea tons of sun.
9. Daylilies
If you're looking for a perennial that requires almost no maintenance, plant daylilies in your garden beds. They come in a variety of heights and gorgeous colors that range from salmon to pink to purple, and some have ruffled leaves. Each flower only lasts one day (hence the name), but there are many of them on one plant. Give daylilies full sun.
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10. Dianthus
Dianthus has an uninterrupted show of fringed flowers in bright colors like hot pink or deep purple. These flowers bloom all season and don't mind the heat. Some species are perennial and some are annual. So read the label to be sure what you are buying. Give Dianthus full sun.
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11. Sunflowers
So you can't fly to France to see sunflower fields in bloom? Instead, plant them in your own garden. Sunflowers are easy to grow from seeds in pots or garden beds. Your biggest challenge: keep wild animals away! If rodents such as chipmunks disturb the seeds, plant them in a small metal mesh "cage" buried a few inches in the ground, or put a few layers of chicken wire directly on the ground or over pots to prevent digging . Give sunflowers plenty of sun.
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12. Caladium
While technically not flowers, caladias grown for their showy foliage are stunning. Their heart-shaped leaves are bright pink and lime green and they make showy accent plants or container plantings. In cold climates, they do better in pots, but in hot climates, they're fine in the soil. In the north, give Caladien mostly sun, but in the south they are better with some shade.
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13. Nemesia
This adorable annual plant has flowers that resemble tiny snapdragons. They fall nicely out of flower boxes and containers, don't mind the heat and are available in jewel tones like blue, pink, orange and yellow. They bloom from planting to frost. Give Nemesia full sun.
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14. Mandevilla
This tropical vine looks like you've really tried hard, but it's just ridiculously easy to grow. It takes a trellis to climb so it can really show itself. Mandevilla blooms continuously from spring to frost; Give it plenty of sun, but in warm climates it is better to have some shade in the afternoon.
15. Petunias
These old standards are popular for several reasons: They are colorful, long-flowering, and quickly fill a planter or garden bed. Look for wave types that spread well and don't have to be dead (remove dead flowers) in order to keep blooming. Give petunias full sun.
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