The 25 biggest questions we have after watching 'Wonder Woman 1984'

"Wonder Woman 1984," starring Gal Gadot, debuts December 25th on HBO Max and in theaters. Warner bros.
Warning: There are massive spoilers and discussions ahead for Wonder Woman 1984. Don't read this if you haven't seen the movie.
After two visits, Insider has put together all the questions you might have after watching the film and, if possible, some answers.
Some are serious questions like: Who is Asteria? And is the dream stone anywhere in the world?
Others focus on lingering thoughts or subplots that have not been addressed or revised. For example, did Barbara kill a man and leave him on the street to die? Possibly!
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Let's start with something simple. How did Steve Trevor come back?
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Steve "returns" to the world of the living about 45 minutes after "Wonder Woman 1984". Clay Enos / DC Comics / Warner Bros.
In case you still wrap your head around this one, let's just disassemble it.
Steve Trevor died in "Wonder Woman" in 1918 in 2017. When Diana is in possession of the dream stone that fulfills the wearer's every wish, she tacitly wishes that Steve would come back.
Steve is then magically brought back into another man's body. (Yeah, it's a little weird.)
OKAY. But did Diana actually see Steve Trevor or just imagine him for the whole movie?
Diana is the only one who sees Steve like that (and so does the audience). Warner bros.
It's a fair question that may initially confuse you upon Steve's return to the movie, but Diana was just imagining some random man looking like Steve for the whole movie.
When "Steve" looks in a mirror, we see that he is not really Steve, but a completely different person (played by Kristoffer Polaha) who he currently lives in.
Diana tells Steve that it doesn't matter. All she sees when she looks at this stranger is Steve, and this is how the audience perceives this casual man.
It's a little heartbreaking. Diana has lived in a fantasy world from the start that she knows is not right.
Diana chose to effectively see this man through rose-colored glasses until, at the end of the film, she discovered that she could no longer live a lie. Not only did she have to let Steve go, but she had to let this man go and get on with his own life.
How exactly does the dream stone work?
The rules should be pretty clear, but they seem to change a bit once Max becomes the Dream Stone. Warner bros.
To explain this in the simplest possible way, you can make a wish for whatever you want while holding the stone. However, in return, the stone takes what is most valuable to you.
For example, Diana wished for Steve back, but the stone was starting to take away her superpowers. The rules seem to change a bit when Max turned stone.
How does Max's strength work when he becomes a dream stone?
The dream stone is a little complicated. It is best not to think about it too much. Warner bros.
If Max wants to become the dream stone, he makes people make wishes. Once a wish is granted, Max seems to be able to choose what he thinks is most valuable to another person and take what he wants.
The sequel tells us that making a wish takes all that is most valuable to you. But when Max is at the top, he makes the decision on the spot himself in order to become selfish.
This rule seems malleable, as Max can grant Barbara a second wish late in the movie that makes her the legendary DC villain Cheetah. As far as we know, Max doesn't take anything from Barbara after granting her this wish.
At the same time, when Max fulfills a wish, it also has adverse effects. We see him get a nosebleed and a broken blood vessel in his eye. Although it is never phrased, it is concluded that any wish Max grants will slowly kill him for being a selfish narcissist.
What was Max's endgame after granting every wish?
Was he really trying to live a version of happily ever after? Warner bros.
At the beginning of the movie, Max just wanted to be someone powerful that his son could be proud of and look up to in life.
But Max doesn't stop when he's got great power. He becomes greedy for more. Towards the end of the film it looks like he's just trying to feed on other desires so he can gain immunity, but that's never explicitly stated.
If Max had granted everyone's wish, what would he have done next? I suspect that he would likely have kept trying to gain more power until he destroyed himself, the world, or both.
Did the FBI ever pursue the gem after it turned it over to the Smithsonian for inspection?
The FBI selected Barbara to look at the stone. Was the FBI too involved in the mess that Max Lord was starting to take care of a stone? Warner bros.
At the beginning of the film, Barbara Minerva is supposed to help the FBI by looking into the stone. Then she lets Max Lord wipe it up just for fun.
Nobody outside of Diana Prince ever seems to care that it is missing.
How can the Smithsonian not find out that Diana Prince stole a government jet?
Diana seems so blinded by love that she doesn't care that she steals state property. Warner bros.
She used her key card to the Smithsonian to get into the hanger with Steve. You're probably in front of the camera.
Did Diana and Steve return the jet that they stole? What happened to it
What happened to Diana's invisible jet that she and Trevor stole? DC Comics / Warner Bros.
Did Diana lose it like the invisible coffee cup she lost too?
Now that she can apparently fly alone, she doesn't really seem to need her own private jet.
Why did Steve Trevor's watch come to life for a moment?
This felt like a moment in a Christmas movie. Warner bros.
After Diana tacitly wishes Steve to return, the film shows Steve's old watch in her apartment.
When we sit on a counter it comes to life for a moment and makes us believe that somehow Steve Trevor will be coming back through his watch.
But that doesn't happen.
When Steve comes back, he wakes up in another apartment in the body of a random man. As far as we know, the watch had nothing to do with Steve's return.
What was the reason the clock was moving? It seems like it was just a magical, dramatic effect that suggests Steve was on his way back.
Isn't it a little weird that Diana is still attached to Steve Trevor after 66 years?
Girl it's time to move on Warner bros.
For the first third of the film we see a wistful Diana who avoids all other men as her heart is still married to the idea of ​​her first love, Steve Trevor.
At a crucial moment in the film, when Diana has to think about giving up on Steve, she says to him, "You are everything I have wished for for so long. You are the only joy I have had or even asked for." "
And we understand there's nothing like a first love, but even Steve points out that this is a little crazy and tells Diana, "I'm so sorry, but this is crazy. There's a world out there full of that a lot of better people. ""
Who is Alastair's mother?
We learn that Max Lord has a son in the film. Warner bros.
Throughout the film, Max Lord's son Alastair is repeatedly brought into his company by a faceless, nameless mother. We only find out that she has a boyfriend.
Is she someone who is important in the DC Universe or does she not matter? And who is Alastair? Maxwell doesn't have a son in the comics.
Why does Diana let Barbara go home alone after a man tried to immediately attack her in a dark park?
Diana what are you doing Warner bros.
At the beginning of the film, Diana saves Barbara from a man in the park and then simply lets her continue on her happy path in the dark.
Wasn't Diana concerned about the emotional toll the attack was taking on her friend? What if someone else tried to attack Barbara in the park?
Friends just don't do that.
Should we believe that Wonder Woman in Egypt wore her metal superhero suit under her clothes all the time?
There is no way that this outfit can be worn comfortably under anything. You are not hiding that. Warner bros.
While Diana and Steve are chasing Max Lord, we see Diana making a seemingly impossible costume change.
Diana begins the pursuit in plain clothes. At some point the camera briefly cuts off her and Steve in the car. When it comes back to the duo a moment later, she's magical in her metal suit. It looks like Diana pulled a "Clark Kent" and ripped off her shirt and pants to reveal her suit underneath.
It's incredible that Wonder Woman's pretty bulky skirt doesn't stand out under her slim-fitting outfits. It was a strange moment that pulled the audience out of the film for a moment.
So can Diana fly now?
Diana enters the final scene in Asteria's golden armor. Warner bros.
Diana can fly now.
But seriously, in the comics, the character was given the ability to fly by the god Hermes. Before that, a 1958 comic said it could "slide on air currents".
What happened to the nameless man Steve took over for a few days?
Did the nameless man suffer any impact when Diana Prince threw him on an adventure? Warner bros.
I need the HBO Max "WW84" briefly about what happened to this guy when he finally came to and found that he couldn't remember what had happened in the past few days.
Has anyone been looking for him? Did he have a family that turned to him or a friend? What about work Steve mentioned that the guy was an engineer. Was his workplace trying to reach him?
What became Kristen Wiig's character Barbara at the end of the film?
Barbara Minerva became a human-cheetah hybrid. Warner bros.
Towards the end of the film, Barbara wants to be an apex predator. The next time we see her, she's a cat, but not just any cat. She's a cheetah, a direct reference to the DC villain who becomes Wonder Woman's greatest nemesis.
The film changes how Barbara becomes an icon. In the comics, her transformation into half-human, half-cheetah is caused by an Amazon dagger.
Did Barbara kill a guy?
Barbara may be an ice cold killer. Warner bros.
Late in the film, Barbara has a second run with a catcaller who tried to get in touch with her earlier in the film.
She turns the tables and beats him up after he attacks her again, but goes a little too far when she lets her anger sink in and leaves him bloody and motionless in the middle of a deserted street.
Barbara runs away when a man approaches the body and we never find out what happened to that person.
Is Barbara Minerva Bisexual?
The film seems to hint at Barbara's sexuality at the beginning of the film before being turned away. Warner bros.
Barbara is obviously attracted to Max Lord throughout the film, but does she also have feelings for Diana Prince?
She wants to be strong, sexy and special, just like Diana at the beginning of the film. Later, when Diana rescues her in the park, Barbara falls clichéd into her arms so that a superhero's love interest in his savior passes out.
The references to sexual tension between the two are somehow dropped after that point after the return of "Steve" in the film, but this would have had something to do with a recent comic strip relaunch in which the two shared feelings for each other.
Wonder Woman has been confirmed as bisexual and Barbara Minerva has been portrayed as a lesbian.
Will we ever see Cheetah again?
It feels like there's more to explore with Cheetah's character. Warner bros.
At the end of the film, we see Barbara again as humans, which suggests we may not see the villain again.
That's a shame, not only because Kristen Wiig did an excellent job of bringing Wonder Woman's nemesis to the big screen, but also because Cheetah becomes a major member of the Legion of Doom, a list of DC villains who continually cause heartache to the League of Nations Righteous.
Who is Asteria?
Lynda Carter plays Asteria, who appears briefly in the film in a flashback. Nathan Congleton / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images
Earlier in the film, if you were wondering who the credits woman was, Diana told Steve that she was the greatest warrior of the Amazon.
She is played by Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman on television for three seasons.

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Did Wonder Woman waste time saving the world towards the end of the movie just to change a cool outfit?
Even superheroes sometimes forget things at home. Clay Enos / DC Comics / Warner Bros.
At the end of the film, Wonder Woman was chasing Max Lord in her regular superhero suit. She is flying for the first time and is currently being overtaken a little. When she finally arrives at the final location of the sequel, she ends up in Asteria's shiny golden armor.
When did she have time to change outfit in the middle of the flight? The change in outfit suggests Wonder Woman stopped mid-flight, acknowledging that she did not have all the tools necessary to fight the bad guys, flew home, and then frustratedly started her journey all over again.
It is an absurd moment, but also an unexpectedly relatable one. How many times have you left the house, almost got to your destination, and then realized you left something important at home, which drove you all the way back?
Wonder Woman is really all of us.
Are we to believe that Wonder Woman's gold armor held back an army of men but could easily be destroyed by a cat woman?
Cheetah clings through the golden wings of Asteria's armor. Warner bros.
Yes yes we are
Diana Prince tells Steve Trevor earlier in the film that the gold armor was made for the greatest warrior of her people. It was supposed to withstand a whole army of men so the Amazonians could flee to a new home.
It's obviously very strong, so maybe it was surprising to see cheetahs snap through its wings in seconds. Are their claws made of an indestructible metal like Adamantium (Wolverine's Claws) or Vibranium (Captain America's Shield)?
No not really. But in the comics, Cheetah's claws are said to be able to cut through just about anything because they're enchanted.
How can Diana send to everyone in the world by simply confiding in Max Lord?
This is one of the few moments in the movie when you really need to lift your disbelief. Warner bros.
This is a real headscratcher. It is unclear how this entire communication system works.
It's probably best to just let go of this movie when I've already accepted that there is one woman who can use a lasso to stop bullets and another woman who can turn into a cheetah for two hours in this sequel.
Where is the dream stone now?
It's everyone's guess. Warner bros.
Max Lord renounced his wish to be the dream stone at the end of the film.
Has it returned to Max Lord's office where it was last seen or was it destroyed? Is it just out there in the world waiting to be found again?
We learned earlier in the movie that the stone has popped up in random locations throughout the story and caused havoc wherever it popped up.
Did you notice that the man Diana sees at the end of the film is the man Steve took over?
This is not the outfit, but it's one of the few that he tries on in this scene with Diana. Warner bros.
He even wore the outfit Diana picked out for Steve earlier in the movie, but refused to wear it.
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