The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Thrive Under Stress (and 3 Who Crumble)

You are preparing for a presentation with 50 slides, your pasta water is just bubbling on the worktop and your child has now decided that the walls are a first-class property for colored pencil murals. How do you deal with all of this? It turns out that your zodiac sign can tell us whether you should take a deep breath and find your center (Libra) or make a hole in the next wall (Aries). Below are three signs that blow from stress and three that collapse under pressure. (And psst: your moon sign represents your emotions, so read for both your sun and moon signs.)
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3 signs that handle stress well
1st bull (April 20 - May 20)
Bull is represented by the bull who likes to chew grass and laze on sunny pastures. Our bull friends also appreciate the simple joys. They like to do things slowly and switch from one task to the next thoroughly and methodically. When Taurus has tons on her to-do list, she takes a deep breath and grabs each one (with a few snack breaks in between). Grounded and reliable, these earth signs begin what they end and approach busy days with a cool rationality. After all, everything is done.
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2nd Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Is an inbox with 300 unread emails really important for the overall picture of your existence? Not even close, Sag argues. Under the rule of Jupiter, the planet of expansion, the shooters see life from a bird's eye view and hover over small details and dramas to get to the heart of the matter. And they use this perspective to guide them through stressful situations. Why should Sagittarius worry about a messy room if she could explore the Argentine coast with an ice-cold tincha in hand? In our most stunned moments inspired Tell us to live a little.
3.Fishes (February 19 - March 20)
Fish are often caught in their dream world, which can serve them well when reality is anything but Zen. These free spirits are about feeling connected and not competing with others. And her innate selflessness is a strong stress buster: by focusing on helping people, Pisces can bypass her own worries to serve others. When stress rises, the watermarks use their creative gifts as an escape route. Oil paint away those worries, dear fish.
3 signs that don't handle stress well
1st Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)
Do you have a 500-page dissertation tomorrow? Go skydiving in an hour? Leo is still sure that your stress far outweighs yours. In its fiery core, Leo needs confirmation. And in times of increasing fear, she needs to be certain that she is the most stressed person on earth. We love Leo for her dramatic talents, like broadcasting show tunes and striking guitar solos, but this drama can carry over to other facets of her life (especially if things don't go according to plan). Think: You fall to the ground in horror when the barista runs out of vanilla oat milk.
2nd Virgin (August 23 - September 22)
Virgo sees the world through a magnifying glass and refines hundreds of tiny details (and flaws). It strives to be perfect - grammatically, hygienically, nutritionally. So if something goes wrong, we say that the color samples you sent her contain more cream than eggshell, stress is inevitable. To avoid these mishaps, Virgo works under the illusion that she has to put up with everything that causes more stress. Virgo anxiously plans for every possible outcome of a situation. No wonder that she rolls to the beach with sun protection factor 70, bug spray, plasters and hand disinfectant. Ah virgin, if only life could run as smoothly as your freshly ironed sheets.
3rd twins (May 21 - June 20)
Twins are an air sign ... when all the air has been sucked into a giant tornado. Gemini swirls with fears and forgotten tasks and lives in the constant chaos of her thoughts. "Did I turn the oven off?"; "Do I start this email with" hey "or" hi "?;" Should I buy a motorhome and move to Alaska? "The twins' anxious rethinking of their postponement makes it almost impossible for them to stick to a schedule She will spend three minutes working on her tax return, deciding that she needs to learn the latest TikTok dance, and then remembering that she is late for a conference call. With so many unfinished projects on her plate, she feels frenetic Twins always back, this can lead to burnout, so sleep a bit, Gem.
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