The 32 best Netflix shows to watch right now (June 2020)

Do you have the binging blues? The best Netflix shows will help you decide if you can't decide what to watch next, or if you just have to sit back on the weekend with a boxing set. Literally dozens of series and reality shows are waiting for you below, including some of the best TV shows ever produced.
Among the best Netflix shows you'll discover include the new season of Queer Eye (we could all use up an hour of television now), the cult comedy community, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, and more.
Without devaluing some of the top Netflix originals that are all shoulder to shoulder with the world-class series elsewhere in the medium. The Crown, The Last Dance, Tiger King and Stranger Things can now be viewed (or added to your watchlist).
So what are you waiting for? Discover your new favorite series with our overview of the 32 best TV shows on Netflix.
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Queer Eye
Region: Worldwide
Season (s): 1-5
Why it's one of the best shows on Netflix: there are few shows that can make you cry in any episode. Queer Eye is one of them. The reality show follows five men from the LGBTQ + community who reshape each episode differently - or, as they are called on the show, "hero". The Fab Five all have different specialties (food, fashion, culture, design and maintenance) and very different personalities.
While that doesn't sound too emotional, just give the first episode a whirl. Seeing how a divorced 57-year-old learns to take care of himself and hug the Fab Five is a remarkably lovely start. As the show progresses, the "heroes" become more diverse and everyone has a moving story. You will laugh. You will cry. And you will get some great tips for self-care and self-love. Yaaas!
Region: Great Britain, USA
Season (s): 1-6
Why It's One of the Best Netflix Shows: Are You Ready To Enroll In Greendale Community College? The community has changed over the course of its life on NBC - and a season on Yahoo - from a harmless comedy about the interactions of some college students who got lost in life to a show that was every step against the TV Rules violated. Over the six seasons of the community, we learn about a dysfunctional learning group played by a group of actors unknown at the time, including Donald Glover, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs and Joel McHale, who struggle to succeed in a demotivating community college.
Community spins and spins in a way you don't expect. There are episodes based on Ray Liotta's tales of crime films, paintball homages to A Fistful of Dollars, and an informative documentary about historical pillow fights. If you haven't, check out this great American feel-good sitcom. And remember to keep your fingers crossed and pray for #SixSeasonsAndAMovie.
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The last Dance
Region: Great Britain
Season (s): 1
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: The Last Dance shows the 1997/98 season of the Chicago Bulls and sums up this fateful year with archive footage and interviews with Michael Jordan and some of his closest allies and enemies. Even though you are into basketball, you certainly don't need to be a big fan or sports to be covered by this 1-episode documentary.
The joint ESPN / Netflix production deals intensively with one of the greatest icons of the 20th century: feuds, the struggles with the front office and family stories play an important role here. Everything is presented in such a way that you can learn while walking without having to condescend. If you're interested in B-Ball, you can count on seeing a hidden side of one of the greatest dynasties in the sport. Hundreds of hours of previously unseen footage were used for The Last Dance, and it offers a unique, complex depiction of the man they once called "Air".
Better call Saul
Better to call Saul - one of the best Netflix shows
Region: Great Britain, USA
Season (s): 1-5 (UK) 1-4 (US)
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: do you remember the crazy lawyer from Breaking Bad? This show is all about him - Saul Goodman. Things begin in the present after the climatic events of this series and jump back immediately before he became Saul. Six years earlier he was known as Jimmy McGill. As a personable, kind-hearted guy who easily deals with the law, he goes with the help of Fixer (and Breaking Bad Regular) Mike Ehrmantraut for his low-income clientele. It's great to see the couple in their early days and find out what happened before Jimmy became Saul.
It's hard to imagine that a breaking bad spin-off can highlight the brilliance of this groundbreaking series. Thanks to the excellent performance of Bob Odenkirk, who deals with virtually every emotional state in his first season alone, and Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler, it's just as good - if not better.
Tiger King: murder, chaos and madness
Tiger King - one of the best Netflix shows
Region: Worldwide
Season (s): 1
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: The documentary about true crime that has swept the world, Tiger King is as crazy as they say. The seven-part limited series follows Joe Exotic - a gay, armed, adulterated, all-American animal keeper who despises a big cat activist named Carole Baskin. We get to know a variety of colorful characters, including another zookeeper who is said to have a harem, a man who claims to be Scarface's influence, and a reality show producer who tried to document the whole thing, however ... well, we won't spoil it here. Oh, and there's a thriller too.
It is absolutely unknown what comes next in Tiger King. Each episode adds another twist, and it's almost impossible to stop watching. After you're done, you can do some detective work in the armchair and find out where everyone is now. Because yes, this is really a documentary about true crime and not another season of American Vandal.
Strange things
Stranger Things - One of the Best Netflix Shows
Region: Worldwide
Season (s): 1-3
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: The binge watch series of recent years. The Duffer brothers cobbled together a patchwork of references from the 80s and turned it all into a killer conspiracy about government experiments on members of a small town in Indiana. Things come to a head when a young boy, Will Byers, is missing, causing his mother Joyce (Winona Ryder), the Sheriff (David Harbor) and Will's friends to consider the strangest possibility - that it is a parallel world to ours there are terrible monsters and demons just itch to get you.
The whole cast is great (this author personally was delighted to see Winona Ryder right in the middle of it). However, it is the young protagonists who steal the show. Scurrying through Hawkins on their bikes in the middle of the night and settling in basements to find their missing buddy will melt your hearts, especially Millie Bobby Brown as the elf.
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Daredevil - one of the best Netflix shows you can currently watch
Region: Worldwide
Season (s): 1-3
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: Forget the 2003 misfire - that's what Daredevil fans have been waiting for. Daredevil is Marvel's first Netflix universe to storm out of the gate. It's a mix of brooding character drama, hyper-real action, and some of the best villains since Heath Ledger embodied the Joker. Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) and Steven S. DeKnight (Blade) acted as show runners in the early seasons, who received broad acclaim for their uncompromising stance towards blind lawyer Matt Murdock. As "Devil of Hell's Kitchen", he vows to rid the streets of their criminal element, regardless of the cost.
Daredevil features some of the most adventurous stunt choreography ever seen in a TV series. Yes, I'm in this season 1 corridor battle sequence. It's just breathtaking to experience Murdock's sporting skills - because you know he's blind. The ambition of this first season needs to be improved elsewhere in the Netflix Marvel universe.
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The good place
The Good Place - one of the best Netflix shows you can currently watch
Region: Great Britain, USA
Season (s): 1-3 (USA), 1-4 (Great Britain)
Why it is one of the best Netflix shows: On the surface, the show of the former park and leisure show runner Michael Schur sounds similar to Dead Like Me. Someone dies, experiences life after death and accepts the comedy of the situation. However, it is not quite the same. Instead, it combines the joyous joy of parks with the existential WTF ability of something like Lost. Kristen Bell plays Eleanor Shellstrop, a self-centered person who, besides her soul mate, has a comfortable life after life.
Not only is it very, very fun and introduces us to another extremely talented group of actors, it also offers some great dramatic twists that you won't see coming. Better stay tuned now before the fourth and final season lands.
Black mirror
Black Mirror - one of the best Netflix shows you can currently watch
Region: Worldwide
Season (s): 1-5 and a Christmas special
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: each episode is an anthology series and serves as a separate story that explores a particular technology and how it can lead to the demise of humanity. Charlie Brooker's dystopian science fiction show mostly takes place only a few years in the future, a place where every technological whim is taken into account. The decision to bring it so close to our time has made it one of the most discussed shows in years.
While it's often referred to as science fiction, Black Mirror contains elements from every genre imaginable. Depending on the story, a particular episode can be romantic, action-packed, or creepy. However, they all have one thing in common: they are all terrifying.
Unbreakable Kimmy Smidt
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - one of the best Netflix shows
Region: Worldwide
Season (s): 1-4
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: When it first came out in 2015, Kimmy Schmidt's theme song was all there was to talk about. And yes, even though it's a hell of a bang, there's even more to this eccentric comedy by 30 rock makers, Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. The show is a crazy sitcom with heart and silliness in equal measure. It starts with New York newcomer Kimmy Schmidt, who starts with a fresh slate after spending the past fifteen years in a doomsday cult led by crazy reverend Gary Wayne Gary (an incredibly good Jon) Hamm). Now in the big city, Kimmy discovers a newly discovered zest for life that has a clear head start in the 90s.
It's like 30 rock never ended. But with Carol Kane, who absolutely kills it as Kimmy's wise landlady, Jane Krakowski, who remains one of the funniest comics on the big screen, and the musical genius that gave us Peeno Noir and Boobs in California, Titus Andromedon.
Orange is the new black
Orange is the new black - one of the best Netflix shows you can watch right now
Region: Worldwide
Season (s): 1-7
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: This comedy drama by Weeds creator Jenji Kohan is loosely based on Piper Kerman's real-world experiences and cannot be compared to anything else on the streaming platform. That's probably because it is a Netflix original - and it certainly is. The first season follows exactly Kerman's memoir when Taylor Schilling's Piper Chapman enters the prison system after being convicted of supporting a drug dealer - her ex, played by Laura Prepon on That '70s Show - who is also imprisoned in the same prison. .
As soon as the show deviates from the real story, it becomes a wild mix of interesting storylines. Piper is still in the mix, but there is a rich cast of fully elaborated characters that we learn a lot of secret treats from by flashing back.
Sex education
Sex Education - one of the best Netflix shows you can watch right now
Region: Worldwide
Season (s): 1-2
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: Everyone has experienced the soul-destroying awkwardness of talking about birds and bees with their parents at some point in their lives. It is a rite of passage. Take that feeling and multiply it by a thousand, and you're a little near the embarrassment at the heart of sex education. As a Netflix original with Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn, a sex therapist, the series revolves around her son Otis, played by Asa Butterfield. Unlike his talkative, open-minded mother, Otis is a bit backward until he and his friends put together their own sex therapy clinic for their classmates.
Fresh and easy to bathe due to its fun, young cast, you can expect blatant humor - and you'll reconcile some with the heartfelt life lessons that the core group of kids learned. The series is less about preaching than about opening the mind and considering our differences. That may sound sentimental, but it is really anything but.
Stop and catch fire
Halt and Catch Fire - one of the best Netflix shows you can watch right now
Region: United States
Season (s): 1-4
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: On the surface, its premise sounds remarkably similar to Silicon Valley. Where this series takes place today, Halt and Catch Fire was firmly anchored in the 80s. The culmination of the PC revolution begins with Cardiff Electric, a fictional software company that receives a much-needed Juju boost with the advent of a new trio played by Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, and Mackenzie Davis. All three are leaders and want to outsmart their competitors by reverse engineering a PC.
History buffs, be happy. This quirky series is fiction, of course, but it began in the Texas Silicon Prairie in the 80s and steals inspiration from that period to fuel its plans. The real stories of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are two of the industry's figureheads. The show uses its stories to find out what happened behind the scenes during the PC boom in the 80s. It develops into its own world and is as snappy as it gets. One of the best Netflix shows you've never seen.
The crown
The Crown - one of the best Netflix shows you can currently watch
Region: Worldwide
Season (s): 1-3
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: The Crown records the life of Queen Elizabeth II. From the beginning of her reign to the present day. Well it will. This Netflix original starts shortly before her coronation and until the end of the current season. The series combines a first-class drama with a series of great performances, led by Claire Foy - and later Olivia Colman - as a young monarch. It highlights invisible parts of the Queen's duties and the restless dynamics of juggling a public and private life, from her marriage to Philip to her father George.
The early years of the current English monarch? Sounds great, but not to you, right? Something about Downton? Seriously, don't miss this brilliant series: this is a great character drama that contains a lot of historical factoids and a damn good story. Without a doubt one of the best shows on Netflix. Plus, we can all use Olivia Colman more in our lives.
The haunted hill house
The Haunting of Hill House - one of the best Netflix shows
Region: Great Britain, USA
Season (s): 1
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: This latest version of Shirley Jackson's terrifying novel is called "Six Feet Under with Ghosts" by one of his producers and is Netflix's next horror show to watch. The series was loosely adapted by Mike Flanagan, whose previous Netflix featured Hush and Gerald's game, and follows the Crain family as they move into the remote Hill House. With the intent of renovating and flipping it over before buying their real home, the Crains discover that the home has other plans. Escaping in the middle of the night, history is picked up decades later when the scattered family is pulled together by this damn house ...
This is the horror series you never knew you needed. A beautifully cast show that takes place like Six Feet Under meets The Conjuring. There is simply nothing like it. It is full of stories and horrors, both elements are so closely interwoven that you cannot imagine that this story is told in a different way. Flanagan's decision to jump back and forth across timelines, showing different incidents from different perspectives, makes this show one of the best Netflix shows. As we learn what happened in this house over the course of ten episodes, you can't look away ... no matter how much you want. And now we know that the second season of The Haunting of Hill House is actually about the story of The Haunting of Bly Manor. There's no better time to catch up.
Schitt's Creek
Schitt's Creek - one of the best Netflix shows
Region: Great Britain, USA
Season (s): 1-6
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: Ah, how the rich fall. Schitt's Creek, a one-line gem of a show, knows that his title is the punch line in many anecdotes, and recycles it as a punch line for his premise. The Rose family, led by video store tycoon Johnny (Eugene Levy) and his former wife Moira (Catherine O’Hara), are in difficult times and lose their fortune if their manager cheats on them. All that's left is the small town of Schitt's Creek, which was bought as a joke and becomes the family's new home. Manipulative, spoiled and brutal, the Rose family moves and struggles to settle with the natives.
Schitt's Creek is magical based on its premise alone. When you appear in comedy classes, Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy play, whose on-screen chemistry forces each other to improve their game, and you have gold. However, it is not just about laughing, there are many tender moments in which the Rose family changes in their new surroundings.
Tuca & Bertie
Tuca and Bertie - one of the best Netflix shows
Region: Worldwide
Season (s): 1
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: An original Netflix that slipped under many radars. Tuca and Bertie come from Lisa Hanawalt, one of the animators behind Bojack Horseman, who gets out to tell a completely different story. Ali Wong and Tiffany Haddish provide the voices for Tuca and Bertie - a confident, carefree toucan and a timid songbird. The couple lives in the same house in Bird Town, a lush and vibrant metropolis that comes from a children's cartoon. Make no mistake: Tuca and Bertie are definitely not for children.
The idea of ​​not preparing for a series due to its early cancellation is frankly bananas. Although we only have one season of this absurd comedy, that's no reason to skip it: madness is part of its charm; his way of luring you in before he reveals how damn smart it is. Instead of retreading a terrain similar to Bojack, it examines women in the heart as they struggle with sobriety, singledom and employment in a world geared towards men.
Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders - one of the best Netflix shows
Region: Great Britain, USA
Seasons: 1-5
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: what do you get when you throw Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy on the screen together? The Dark Knight Fanfic brought to life? Well, yes, but I was referring to the brilliant Peaky Blinders. The series takes place in 1919 and takes its name from a certain street gang that took command of Birmingham, England shortly after the First World War. War veteran Thomas Shelby uses all means to rise through the criminal ranks and, together with his family, forms the center of this gripping thriller.
A show referred to as the British Boardwalk Empire deserves to be checked only for this comparison. If you're a fan of this HBO series, you'll love what starts in this historic gangster master class, and if not? Peaky Blinders captures an era and place that rarely spends a lot of time on the screen, and makes you wonder why the hell not? Prepare to binge the whole thing.
Jane the virgin
Jane the Virgin - one of the best Netflix shows
Region: Great Britain, USA
Season (s): 1-5

Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: don't get involved in the title of this crazy comedy series. Yes, the main character * is * a virgin, but the show meanders around this fact with its Bonkers premise. Determined not to have the story repeated, Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) wants a life different from that of her mother, who became pregnant as a teenager. She works hard, she has a great fiance who is ready to wait until they are married before she completes their relationship. However, Jane is artificially inseminated during a routine medical exam. And if that wasn't bad enough, the donor? Yes, it's her boss ...

Choosing a story properly is the perfect way to explore all of the dilemmas Jane faces. Thanks to Rodriguez's award-winning performance, there is a lot of humor and even more heart in the show. Jane the Virgin optimizes the proven soap opera formula to take a fresh and very funny look at life.
Sherlock - one of the best Netflix shows
Region: Great Britain, USA
Season (s): 1-4
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: Sherlock has taken the lead in movies and TV shows many times over the years and has become a recognizable figure in crime novels. When it came to developing a new series for BBC showrunners Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss, Doyle's creation had a fundamental facelift. Not only in the cast of Benedict Cumberbatch - an unlikely candidate who totally steals the show - as a fast superhero, but also in the lengthy episode format that gives more freedom to the exploits of Baker Street's iconoclastic investigator.
It is a masterpiece, the classic Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Take Watson characters from Arthur Conan Doyle's classic stories and update them to contemporary London. The format of Sherlock, regardless of the typical modern TV storytelling, has a running time of about 90 minutes.
GLOW - one of the best Netflix shows
Region: Worldwide
Season (s): 1-3
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: They grunt when their bare skin slaps on the big screen. The excited crowd. The outfits are divine ... Welcome to the world of GLOW! Another Netflix original that's ready for bingeing. You will understand whether wrestling is your thing or not. Because it's really about the women who are involved in this true story and how they face the obstacles that life has put in their way. Alison Brie leads the pack as Ruth, an unemployed actress who has made some questionable decisions, and Marc Marons drole, chain smoking producer who demands appearances from the wrestlers in hopes of making serious money. Come for the costumes, stay for the fun repetition.
A wrestling-based show isn't about sport, it's about the circumstances of these women. Ruth and Debbie's dynamism in particular is electrifying. What would you expect from alter ego names like Zoya the Destroyer and Liberty Belle?
American crime history
American Crime Story - one of the best Netflix shows
Region: Great Britain, USA
Season (s): 1-2
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: Known for its horror anthology American Horror Story, which is more than a cave full of bats, executive producer Ryan Murphy turns to another strand of cultural obsession: true crime. Season 1 is about O.J. Simpson trial and in season 2 about the aftermath of Gianni Versace's murder. Sarah Paulson's showstopper appearance in season one as Marcia Clark earned her the Golden Globe, as did Darren Criss as season two as Andrew Cunanan.
In contrast to typical crime documentaries, American crime story is a fictional representation of the events depicted. There is rarely a pause in the plot, with each scene serving as an integral part of the larger story being told. Think of it as a documentary about steroids - you'll be amazed before the credits roll.
The western wing
The West Wing - one of the best Netflix shows
Region: United States
Season (s): 1-7
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: The West Wing made its debut in 1999 (yes, it's so old now) and is Aaron Sorkin's great leap into an alternative political climate. It is the place where he initiated the infamous "Walk n Talk" shooting style and acts as the perfect vehicle for this cast of characters - those who walk behind the scenes in Washington, DC and who hold integrity above everything. In seven seasons, the show became a game changer that inspired many future series. Martin Sheen's President, Josiah Bartlet, heartily led the charge as commander-in-chief.
Why a watch is worth it: It is a pleasure to see a political series driven by a desire for goodness - it is the opposite of House of Cards. Where this series exposed the brutality and ruthlessness at the heart of every politician, regardless of the party, the west wing shows hope in its progressive cabinet.
Fargo - one of the best Netflix shows
Region: Great Britain
Season (s): 1-3
Why is it one of the best Netflix shows: a spin-off / sequel to the Coen brothers' film of the type who also acts as a show runner at Legion? That piqued your interest, didn't it? In the first season of FX, the award-winning anthology series put together several new storylines, all of which are interwoven to create an incredibly similar story to 1996. This makes this series a perfect series for drama, crime and mystery lovers. You don't have to have seen the film because this wonderfully twisted piece of television stands for itself. Season 2 plunges back into the past and Season 3 jumps forward again; both tell stories of small towns who simply cannot take a break ...
Drawing each story over the course of a season is an inspired step that gives each character - and its two ways - time to flourish and thoroughly unravel the storyline. The cast is just excellent too. Who would have thought that Peter Stormare's assassin could be outdone by Billy Bob Thornton? He steals every scene in which he is in season 1. Likewise for Kirsten Dunst in season 2.
Parks and recreation
Parks and Recreation - one of the best Netflix shows
Region: United States
Season (s): 1-7
Why it's one of the best Netflix shows: Parks and Recreation stumbled a bit in season 1, which is reflected in the mixed reviews, but the rulers took this advice and ran it. Trust us, you will laugh all week long if you stick to it. Under the direction of brilliant Amy Poehler, everything revolves around the daily experiences of Leslie Knope, deputy director of the Pawnee park and leisure department, and her unsuitable group of employees. The show is told through a kind of mockumentary shoot and uses the pettiness of the small town bureaucracy as a comedic feed.
Some of the most memorable comedy characters in TV history, played by Nick Offerman (who will give you one-liners and woodwork advice), Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, Rashida Jones, and Retta, circumvent the pitfalls of sitcom boredom . and Chris Pratt.

Trust me.

breaking Bad

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