The 5.0-Liter CJ Renegade Is the V-8 Wrangler Jeep Won't Make Again

Photo credit: Worldwide Vintage Cars
By Road & Track
It doesn't look like Jeep will soon be building a V-8 Wrangler. The engine compartment is too small, the emission regulations are too strict and the crash standards are too strict when there is so little space for the support structure. None of this is likely to change, which means that you may never be able to buy a V-8 Jeep Wrangler again. The good news is that for less than the price of a new JL, you can get a factory-built CJ Renegade with a V-8.
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However, if you are looking for a mental replacement for the Hellcat jeep of your dreams, you should keep looking. While many aftermarket stores brought Wrangler's great power, the efforts of the Jeeps factory have never been very strong. The 5.0-liter AMC V-8, which was optional on the CJ Renegade, only produced 150 hp, while the modern V-6 Wrangler developed around 285 hp. However, the CJ is much lighter.
This light blue for sale by Worldwide Vintage Motors comes with a white hardtop. It is an interesting retro color combination that fits perfectly with the box-shaped jeep. If you add a manual transmission, a newly upholstered interior, and some engine upgrades, it's easy to see why this 78 Jeep is available for $ 17,900.
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