The 6 Best Cheap Gaming Chairs To Keep You Comfortable

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Similar to an office chair, it is important to find the right place for video games. If you are stooped and stare at a screen for hours, you want one that offers comfort and support so that you don't end up with an aching back. Many dedicated gaming chairs look like racing seats for automobiles, even if they don't have astronomical price tags that match the high-end aesthetic. With that in mind, here are some of the best affordable gaming chairs.
Check out the short reviews of the top five gaming chairs, and then scroll deeper for more helpful buying information and full reviews of these models, as well as other high-level options.

Features to look for
When considering a gaming chair, there are three important aspects to consider: cushioning and support, adjustability, and material. If you are a serious player who spends a lot of time sitting (or also wants a game chair that you can work from home), you need one with sufficient support to maintain a healthy posture, which can mean a kind of lumbar spine and head padding and firmer (rather than softer) cushioning.
Most of these chairs are also adjustable, with adjustable seat heights and the ability to lean back up to 150 degrees. Less common, but still available in some budget models: adjustable armrests and internal lumbar support. Although the material of the chair may not affect your posture, it can significantly affect your overall comfort. If you tend to get hot, you may experience problems with leather or synthetic leather covers, as they are not breathable and can sweat quickly. Mesh is a better alternative - especially on your back - to keep you cool, although you may not feel as padded and supportive.
How we selected and rated
We researched 10 expert sources including Digital Trends, Tech Guided, and PC Gamer, as well as 23,000 customer reviews, to choose the best affordable gaming chairs. Our consumer score indicates the percentage of people who bought these chairs and rated them at least four out of five stars on retail and rating sites such as Amazon, Walmart and the manufacturers' websites.
GTRacing gaming chair
Consumer rating: 81% gave it 4 stars or more
The adjustability and cushioning help you to maintain a healthy posture.
While this seat is definitely on the more striking side, it has the ergonomics to support the look. The GTRacing chair can be reclined up to 170 degrees, carries 300 pounds and has adjustable head and lumbar cushions. Remember that the synthetic leather does not breathe well and can therefore sweat easily. In addition to the red and black styles, there are also the options light blue, gray and classic black, so that you can adapt to your current game or office atmosphere.
Respawn 200
Consumer rating: 77% gave it 4 stars or more
Style, support and ventilation in one affordable package.
The Respawn 200 chair is not as customizable as some more expensive options, but offers a good degree of adjustability. In addition to an inclination of up to 130 degrees, a movable pillow is included. The faux leather seat can get a little warm, but the backrest is made of mesh to keep you cool. And Respawn gives a lifetime guarantee on the chair.
X Rocker Pro Series H3
Consumer rating: 90% gave it 4 stars or more
The pimped version of your children's play chair.
If you are looking for a chair that can be used for both work and play, this is not the case. Because it's on the floor, it's more suitable for game consoles than operating a PC at a desk, but offers more support than the couch. The design of this chair is comfortably curved to your spine and allows you to rock your legs back and forth instead of leaning back like in a wheelchair. It also has built-in wireless speakers - good if you don't want to buy separate audio technology or headphones. Since the speakers are closer to you, they make for an even more intense experience. The Pro Series H3 also vibrates in response to everything that happens in your game for a little 4D effect.
OFM Essentials collection
Consumer rating: 79% gave it 4 stars or more
Style and comfort for work or leisure.
With a less aggressive look and the least hit on your bank account, the OFM looks more like a colorful office chair. And it is made of synthetic leather and feels springy and padded. The only big disadvantage is that there is no adjustable lumbar support and headrest and it cannot be reclined. However, it has movable armrests. There are also seven different color options that almost guarantee that you will find one you like.
Homall gaming chair
Consumer rating: 82% gave it 4 stars or more
A chair with many die-hard fans.
The Homall gaming chair has received some of the brightest customer reviews we've ever seen. And it makes sense. For around $ 150, this chair offers comfort, adjustability, and player aesthetics, which are often limited to more expensive models. There are seven two-tone options - including our favorites magenta and aqua. Adjustable pillows and lumbar pillows and the ability to lean back 150 degrees add to its value. The polyurethane leather material can make you sweaty, but overall the customers were satisfied. "I enjoyed how easy it was to put it together and how convenient it was," wrote one on Amazon. "The total construction time was about 30 minutes, it was easy enough and everything you need is included."
Big Joe dorm beanbag
Consumer rating: 73% gave it 4 stars or more
Bean bags will never go out of style.
Sometimes you just want to be comfortable and save money, and this beanbag is there to remind you that that's fine. This could be a suitable option if you or your child are a hobby player who hasn't slumped in front of a computer or console for hours a day. While the dormitory beanbag is missing in the support department, it is comfortable and inexpensive. It even has large side pockets where you can store your phone, headphones or, above all, snacks. And the easy-to-clean material makes it easy to wipe fingerprints covered with Cheeto.
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