The Algerian making his own instruments

The former carpenter now makes instruments by hand
Location: Ighil Bouammas, Algeria
Yahia Challai took up the profession after breaking his beloved banjo
"It's a job I love. It was a challenge. I broke my banjo once and vowed not to play music, touch a guitar or a banjo or any other musical instrument until I fix my banjo myself, and..." that's exactly what happened. It was a challenge. "
Challai began playing the banjo as a form of physical therapy
after losing his fingers in a workshop accident
Today he manufactures tailor-made hybrid string instruments for international customers
It takes him a month to build an instrument
"New ideas, new instruments, mixed instruments, hybrids (instruments) with an Italian piece, a Jewish piece, a French piece, a Kabyle piece, an Algerian piece and an oriental (piece) - all of this can be combined in a single instrument a dream, it's a project that I've cherished for a long time. Maybe one day, when my life is long, I'll make it. I hope so. Projects like this are close to my heart, ideas that are out of the ordinary. "

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