The best films on TV today: Sunday, 21 June

The imitation game, all the money in the world, Charlie Wilson's war.
Amazing true stories, Lovecraftian love letters and family favorites as TopFilmTip bring you the best films for Sunday, June 21st, on TV.
Sky subscription may be required for some films.
The duke protects a woman and her niece from an impending attack and the fallen interests of his soldiers. She was wearing a yellow ribbon at 9:55 am Sony Movies
The escaped child outsmarted the criminal crew in John Hughes' outrageously fun Baby's Day Out adventure 10:00 a.m. E4
Forces' Sweetheart Vera Lynn plays the leading role in a semi-autobiographical, moral-enhancing piece of nostalgia. We'll meet at 10:45 a.m. at Sony Movies
Time Travel Oedipus woos mother, brutalizes crap, invents rock'n'roll and befriends the suicidal Doc to hit 88 miles an hour back into the future
The time-shifted boy wakes up to an inventive alien adventure years after his disappearance: mercury secret Flight of the Navigator 12:00 PM SyFy
Heath Ledger pretends to be noble, goes against everything and woos a girl in a deliberately anachronistic sports adventure, A Knight's Tale, 1:15 p.m., Channel 5
James Coburn, Brad Dexter, Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner, Horst Buchholz, Robert Vaughn and Charles Bronson on the set of The Magnificent Seven directed by John Sturges. (Photo by United Artists / Sunset Boulevard / Corbis via Getty Images)
Heroically hauling hearses, trading lead, liking arithmetic, making seven samurai new Wonderful Western perfection The Magnificent Seven 2:00 p.m. BBC Two
Chinese sheriff and American Gigolo Prat fall, kung fu and sexy pillows fight for London in the anachronistic comedy Shanghai Knights 2.45pm Sony Movies
Three musketeers take revenge on the evil King Leonardo DiCaprio with the help of a secret twin in sword-stabby fun. The man in the iron mask 3:55 p.m. Channel 5
Lights in the sky, melodic secrets and mashed potato mountains herald the arrival of aliens in close encounters of the third kind. 4 p.m. SyFy
For fear of abandonment, the monstrous hotelier tries to give the grandchildren of mixed races seeds of terror in the family fun Hotel Transylvania 2 5:10 p.m. ITV2
Closed math child prodigy navigates through the murky cause and consequence of cryptography in a remarkable tragic true story The Imitation Game 6.45pm Film 4
Desperate from affluenza and boredom, the feeble African prince is looking for a woman of value in an unforgiving New York neighborhood: Smart Fish-Out-of-Water Comedy Comes to America 9:00 p.m. Comedy Central
Afghanistan's weapons policy for the explosion of helicopters literally leads to the fall of the Soviets. Charlie Wilson's war at 9:00 p.m. Sky Atlantic
Tom Cruise's new dream job drops him between malicious mafia overlords and unforgiving FBI agents in the top Grisham drama The Firm at 9:00 p.m. (5 stars)
The predator's money-holder's daughter-in-law struggles to convince the estranged billionaire to pay his grandson's ransom in an amazingly true story about all the world's money. 9:00 p.m. Channel 4
Anarchic, irresponsible duo has to look after Boob-obsessed street child and RPG-obsessed nerd in the Top Double Odd Pair Comedy Role Models at 11:00 p.m. ITV4
Honeypotted idiot and ambitious manager face North Korean charm offensive in exquisite murder farce The interview 11:15 pm Comedy Central
Four low-level credit card fraudsters pursued by calloused professional criminals invent a diamond robbery to buy their life and freedom in a tight, characterful plastic. 11:20 p.m. Film4
Loyalty and duty struggles cause turmoil and conflict for undercover mob infiltrator Johnny Depp in the amazingly true story Donnie Brasco 12:35 p.m. Sony Movies
Patients and medics under siege in the hospital are experiencing a transcendental rush with tentacles in a visceral and malicious love letter to Lovecraft The Void at 12:40 a.m. Horror Channel
Simple small-town families are looking for dirt to fight corrupt land that usurped the mayor in a skillful and detailed exploration of powerlessness and power. Leviathan 1:00 am BBC Two
Amnesiac mysteriously causes the death of those around it and looks for puzzling answers in unusual, unusual curiosities. Radius 1:30 a.m. Horror Channel
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