The best use of your stimulus check? Buy a gaming console, Twitter users say

The best use of your stimulus check? Buy a game console, say Twitter users
After months of fighting in Washington, your second coronavirus relief payment is finally on the way - and it could arrive as soon as next week. But instead of the $ 1,200 the IRS sent in the spring, the Americans only get $ 600 this time.
Critics say this does not go far enough as households struggle to pay the bills as COVID cases skyrocket and new lockdowns are put in place. A $ 600 stimulus check covers the median monthly rent for a family in exactly zero states, according to an analysis of the census data.
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So what can you do with your government money?
Twitter users offer this advice: you can also spend it on video games.
Enough money for a console
Youtube / Karl Conrad
At $ 600, the payment seems almost perfect for a new video game console. It's enough for the Nintendo Switch ($ 300) or the nowhere-to-find Xbox Series X ($ 500) or PlayStation 5 ($ 500) - with cash for a subscription to PS Plus or Xbox Live.
"Of course people will buy video game consoles with their stimulus checks," tweeted gaming writer Ian Boudreau. “If you're financially under pressure, $ 600 won't change that. But with an Xbox you could at least come under financial pressure. “(For the record he used a word with more X-weighting than" squashed ".)
"I work in an electronics store and when they suggested $ 1,200, my store was vacated on a day when people were buying everything from TV laptops to video games and consoles," writes Twitter user @BadBadmanyt. "That $ 600 incentive will be the same ..."
U.S. video games, consoles, and accessories sales are projected to top $ 50 billion this year - a new record - as gaming helped homebound Americans weather the pandemic, research firm NPD Group says.
So buy a video console - and do your part for the economy
Tanyastock / Shutterstock
They're called stimulus checks for a reason - the government hopes Americans will spend the money and kickstart the weak economy. So use your check on video games and make sure you stretch the money as far as possible by getting the best price.
When looking for a new console online, you can use a free browser extension that will automatically compare prices from across the internet. It will also attempt to use all of the available coupon codes collected from millions of members to subtract a few more dollars from the price.
If you're a gamer who wants something more than instant gratification out of your $ 600, you can invest your stimulus check - perhaps in a video game company like Sony (SNE) or Activision (ATVI). A popular stock trading app lets you buy fractions of stocks for as little as $ 1.
Another way to invest the money is by using an app that will round up your debit or credit card purchases to the nearest dollar and add the leftover "spare money" to a diversified stock portfolio.

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