The Biden campaign is reaching out to Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders with targeted ad campaign

Joe Biden's presidential campaign on Friday announced a paid media campaign for Asian-American and Pacific islanders that will feature ads nationally and in 16 key states. First reported by Yahoo News, the push is one of the first major political ad campaigns specifically aimed at reaching Asian-American and Pacific islanders.
In August, the Democratic Congressional Campaigns Committee made a $ 45,000 ad purchase from a local Vietnamese-language cable TV station in California, but the Biden campaign's ad flash is far bigger. Along with the television ad, the push will include digital, radio and print ads that will target constituencies of Asian-American and Pacific islanders "in major battlefield states" according to the campaign.
Joe Biden's "Stand Together" ad. (Joe Biden / YouTube)
The outreach comes after some Biden progressives and allies raised concerns about the campaign's publicity against people of color, particularly Latinos and African Americans, over the summer. Democrats have traditionally had an advantage among minorities, but polls showed Biden underperforms and President Trump's campaign is trying to improve his margins among blacks.
Biden's number has improved since August, including among black and Latino voters.
The heart of the show is a television commercial entitled "Stand Together". The ad features a narrator framing Biden's Democracy Ticket as a return to American values, as well as photos of families, workers, and veterans from various Asian-American and Pacific islanders. Biden's runner-up, Californian Senator Kamala Harris, who is the first Indian-American runner-up candidate, is featured prominently in the 60-second clip.
"It's time to go home to a place we once knew, a land of kindness and compassion, compassion and community, tolerance and generosity, integrity and hope," says the narrator in the ad . "It's time to stand together in a place called America, the place we all call home. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris know the way."
The survey of Asian-American and Pacific islanders is sparse, as this categorization covers a wide range of linguistically and culturally diverse voters. The third annual Asian-American voter poll, released last month, showed that Biden was beating Trump in several parts of the community except among Vietnamese-Americans. The poll also found that the Indian American and East Asian American communities where Biden has an advantage still have undecided voters, making the room a clear growth opportunity for the Democratic ticket.
Senator Kamala Harris after being introduced as his runmate by Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Aug. 12 (Toni L. Sandys / Washington Post via Getty Images)
Potomac Waves Media, a women and minority-owned advertising company that specializes in reaching out to color communities, produced the ads. Courtni Pugh, partner in the firm and Biden's senior paid media advisor, pointed out the milestone in the move.
"As an Asian-American woman, I am proud that the Biden-Harris Campaign is making [historical] outreach to the [Asian-American and Pacific Islander] community," Pugh said in a statement released by the Biden Campaign.
The campaign declined to say exactly how much will be spent on the advertising boost. However, in August, Biden campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon released a memo saying that Asian-American and Pacific islanders would be among the "key groups" targeted by massive $ 280 million advertising spending should. In that memo, O’Malley Dillon cited the democratic advantage of these communities, noting that targeted targeting "could increase the party's profit margin in highly competitive battlefield states".
Harris also noted the efforts of the Biden campaign to reach a diverse range of voters during Wednesday's Vice-Presidential debate.
"Joe and I are especially proud of the coalition we have built around our campaign," she said. "We have probably one of the broadest coalitions of people you have ever seen in a presidential race."
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