‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Producers Blame Last Week’s Production Shutdown on COVID Testing Lab

Bell-Phillip Television, the production company behind "The Bold and the Beautiful," says the sudden stoppage in production last week was the fault of the test laboratory, which "had multiple false positives" in on-site COVID-19 testing.
They have since changed laboratories and have no legitimate positive cases of coronavirus, a Bell-Phillip Television spokeswoman told TheWrap. "The Bold and the Beautiful" plans to resume production tomorrow.
"The health department had some additional questions last week about the laboratory that provided TV City with The Bold and the Beautiful, which led to several false positives," the spokeswoman told TheWrap. "Bell-Phillip Television changed laboratories and solved all the problems."
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"We haven't had positive COVID-19 cases yet, and we're not" closed ", but we needed an extra day to provide them with the information they requested," she continued. "We plan to resume production tomorrow, Wednesday, June 24th."
These labs do everything from managing the tests at TV City to testing the kits to delivering results, a person with knowledge of the process told TheWrap.
The CBS soap was back in production for a few hours last week before the TV city had to be closed again. "Bold" was the first US television production that (tried) to get back into physical production since the coronavirus pandemic closed the industry in March.
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Last Wednesday, a representative from "Bold" said the following: "We stopped very briefly to change our test protocol and take better account of the large test volume required. Safety remains our top priority if we continue to push the production of the show. "
At that time, the series expected to resume production today.
As part of the show's new security protocols, the cast and crew are tested daily for coronavirus. The show also hired a COVID-19 director, who is on set at all times to ensure that the protocols established by L.A. County, the City of Los Angeles, and each of the Hollywood Guilds are followed.
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The series also said that it would allow fewer cast and crew on the set per day than before, with certain people being asked to shift. Everyone must distance themselves socially and wear facial masks at all times, with the only exception being actors who actively film a scene.
Like all soaps that are not titled “Days of Our Life”, “The Bold and the Beautiful” has had reruns for the past few weeks as the stock of pre-recorded episodes dried up in April. The "Bold" schedule provides that new original episodes will be broadcast from early to mid-July, although no broadcast date has yet been set.
CBS has already recorded two more seasons of the show, which will run through season 35 in 2022.
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