The California surgeon who dialed into a virtual court trial mid-operation is facing investigation

Dr. Scott Green dialed into his virtual traffic test from the operating room. Sacramento Supreme Court / The Sacramento Bee
Dr. Scott Green is under investigation after dialing into a virtual court case in the operating room.
In a video of the study published on YouTube, Green can be seen in scrubs and a face mask - and sometimes tilts his head to take care of the patient.
After the video went viral, a California medical and licensing agency said it would investigate.
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A California surgeon who dialed into his virtual study during an operation is being examined.
The video of the event shows Dr. Scott Green wearing scrubs and a face mask in the operating room. Machines beep in the background during Green's traffic test on Zoom, which was broadcast live and posted on YouTube.
"Are you available for negotiation?" a clerk asked Green. "It looks like you're in an operating room right now."
"I am, sir," replied Green. "Yeah, I'm in an operating room right now. I can be tried. Go ahead."
Green was then informed that the trial would be streamed live and posted on YouTube as the trial would be open to the public.
After Green confirmed that he understood the video would go online and was sworn in, he waited for the judge to jump on the zoom. At this point he kept his head bowed and appeared to be operating on his patient.
"If I'm not mistaken, I'm seeing a defendant in the middle of an operating room who appears to be actively involved in the delivery of services to a patient," said Gary Link, commissioner of the Sacramento Supreme Court, when answering the call connected.
"Is that right, Mr. Green?" he asked. "Or should I say Dr. Green?"
"Yes sir," replied Green.
Link said he was "not feeling comfortable for a patient's welfare if you are undergoing an operation and I am trying".
Green then said that he had another surgeon in the room and would call that doctor sometimes during the process.
Link continued to insist on the circumstances.
"Not at all," he said.
"I will think of another date when you are not actively involved or attending and attending to a patient's needs," added the judge.
After the video of the event went viral, a California medical and licensing agency said in a statement it would be investigating the circumstances.
"The Medical Board of California expects doctors to adhere to standard of care when treating their patients," a spokesman said in a statement. "The Board of Directors is aware of this incident and will investigate it as it has with all complaints received."
The judge has postponed Green's trial until March 4th.
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