The Cartier Love Ring Is One Piece I'll Wear Forever

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My first memory of being fascinated by gemstones and diamonds goes to the jewelry stores that used to run the entire length of Canal Street in Chinatown, NYC. My mother was shopping for hops and inquiring about the latest goods while I peered through the glass cases, fascinated by the sparkling sapphire rings, jade bracelets, and glittering gold earrings set with rubies.
Once in kindergarten to "show and tell", I snuck into my mother's jewelry drawer and borrowed a sapphire ring to present to my colleagues and teachers. I was proud that my mother bought it for me. I don't remember what else I said or how it was received, although that's probably for the best - as an adult, I'm terribly embarrassed that I did that as a kid. I remember wrapping the precious jewel in a white envelope and sneaking the piece back into my mother's collection before she noticed it was missing. Fear of getting caught by my mother / possibly losing her very expensive jewelry / feeling like a cheat at the age of six for lying to my teacher kept me from ever touching my mother's precious balls again.
Long after this experience, I was not interested in fine jewelry. The idea of ​​losing or misplacing something worth hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars made me sick. So, when I was a teenager, I stuck to $ 20 Forever 21 earrings, and as I got older, I became interested in semi-fine jewelry from popular DTC brands.
It wasn't until I met Cartier during one of my Tumblr re-blogging sessions (do you remember those days?) That my interest in luxury jewelry reignited. I liked the little screw motifs that adorn the bracelets and rings (I later learned what these mean and the full history of Cartier's LOVE collection). I found them elegant and sophisticated - not flashy like a brightly colored gemstone, but not boring like simple sterling silver. Also spoke the fact that the piece can be identified immediately when Cartier spoke to my logo-obsessed high school self. However, my admiration for the LOVE collection, especially the ring, remained just that when I was a teenager with only money left for lunch.
Fast forward to my 20s. With a secure job, the thought of buying a Cartier LOVE ring was easier to achieve. The idea of ​​someone buying it for me on a special occasion seemed even better. After a year of dating, I jokingly told my friend that if we make it past the "humpback year" I deserve a Cartier ring. (In retrospect, I'm so glad he didn't offend this!) I didn't think he was going to grant my wish / joke, but as our three year anniversary rolled around he presented me with a love ring on Christmas day. It was wonderful. I was both excited and incredulous.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Marina Liao
I wore the ring on New Year's Eve 2019 and almost every day since. With the LOVE ring, I feel special, chic and dressed, even if I only wear yoga leggings. Although the ring looks great in combination with other pieces of gold from my jewelry collection, I've learned that the LOVE ring makes even more of a statement when worn alone. It makes your fingers look pretty even when you're not wearing nail polish. I've worn my love ring to weddings, to the office, to dinner, and everywhere in between. This is an all occasion ring that I know I will wear forever without worrying about it going out of style. (Cartier also offers a special LOVE wedding ring.)
If you are thinking about buying the LOVE ring for yourself or for someone special, I have a few tips. Find out where you want the ring to sit and what color it is (it's also available in white gold) as the size of the ring is pretty accurate. I wanted to wear the ring on my middle finger so I had to enlarge. Remember, 18k yellow gold is easy to scratch. When I first noticed scratches on mine - immediately after wearing them in NYE - I anxiously booked an appointment with a Cartier specialist and was told it was normal. The luxury home also has brilliant services when you need it.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Marina Liao
Since this ring is my most valuable possession, I treat it as such. Every time I take it off I wipe it off and put it back in the red Cartier pouch. I never leave this on the sink or get randomly tossed into my jewelry box. Sometimes I open the bag to make sure it's still there. On the nights I go to bars or parties (before COVID), I make sure not to drink too much for fear of losing my Cartier ring like I have other jewelry. You could say this ring has saved me from a bad hangover several times now.
You could read all of this and say, I'm paranoid (I probably am!) But I take all of these precautions because I keep the LOVE RING close to my heart. I will always keep an eye on this timeless ring. And my future child certainly won't borrow it for showing and telling.
Some of my favorite pieces that I want to style with the LOVE ring:

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