The CDC Just Issued This Serious Warning About COVID

It's supposed to be the best time of the year, but the pandemic is still taking its toll on an already difficult 2020 that is effectively turning Christmas as we know it on its head. Now many of us are struggling to find a safe and festive way to spend the vacation. But the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned Americans again on December 23, the day before Christmas Eve, urging everyone to avoid the temptation to travel or hold large personal gatherings. Read on to see what this could mean for your Christmas plans, and to learn more about how you can be sure, read This Is Who Is Most Likely to Give You COVID Right Now.
In a last-minute tweet posted on December 23, the CDC urged citizens to go to safety by not taking to the streets or going to heaven this year, and limiting exposure by only talking to people from their celebrate your own household. "Stay at home to give yourself and others the best possible protection against # COVID19 this holiday season," emphasized the CDC.
The social media post is the agency's latest endeavor to promote the updated recommendation they released earlier this month. She urges Americans to cancel their travel and celebration plans to avoid being overwhelmed and at maximum capacity at a time when hospitals in many regions of the country are skyrocketing. "The best thing Americans can do in the upcoming holiday season is stay home and not travel," Henry Walke, COVID-19 incident manager at the CDC, told reporters in early December. "Cases are increasing. Hospital stays are increasing, deaths are increasing. We have to try to turn the curve and stop this exponential increase."
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Unfortunately, the report also comes just days after the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reported that the weekend before Christmas saw the highest number of travelers since the pandemic began, one million people a day for a total of 3.2 million three days Passengers exceeded, reports the Washington Post.
Still, the CDC recommends some activities that could help keep the celebrations festive and safe this year. Read on to see what they suggest and to learn more about how you can lower your risk of infection, if you don't, your mask won't protect you, according to a study.
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Host a virtual vacation dinner with friends and family.
A family of four is sitting over a Thanksgiving meal while using their laptop for video conferencing during the COVID pandemic
In their tweet, the CDC points out that planning to enjoy your vacation dinner with loved ones through Zoom or FaceTime can help make the day feel special. "Partying virtually or with members of your own household (who are consistently taking action to reduce the spread of COVID-19) carries the least risk for the spread," says the CDC's recommendation for celebrating holidays.
However, the agency carefully advises that a household is "anyone who currently lives and shares common spaces in your housing unit (such as your house or apartment)," including roommates and non-relatives. When there are family members who normally do not live at home, e.g. B. Students coming home from a dormitory still need appropriate security measures in place. Further information on the development of the pandemic can be found at Dr. Fauci. Just warned about the new strain of COVID in the US.
Meet for a virtual gift exchange.
Close up of female hands opening package with gift box.
To be able to see the look of surprise on someone's face when they open the perfect gift doesn't have to go away just because of the pandemic. The agency suggests turning on your webcam while opening gifts and organizing an exchange to make things feel more like a traditional feast. For more information on places struggling with the pandemic, see This state now has the worst COVID outbreak in the US.
Decorate your home.
Christmas tree near fireplace in decorated living room
So far 2020 has been the year of working from home, cooking at home, and perfecting your home. Why not use the vacation as the perfect excuse to brighten things up? Get into the spirit by literally decking out the halls, putting up decorations, hanging lights, decorating a tree, or putting together an outdoor display. Sign up for our daily newsletter for more COVID updates.
Make festive crafts.
Christmas craft table
Finding constructive ways to spend time at home is a pastime in itself this year. The CDC recommends capturing the holiday spirit with festive handicrafts, which is even more fun when you virtually connect with friends and family via video chat. This can include anything from stringing popcorn and garlands to baking a fresh batch of delicious cookies, all of which you can share on Instagram. For more information on how the coronavirus suddenly changed, see A White House Official Who Gave This Warning About The New COVID Mutation.

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