'The Challenge' star Abram Boise and pregnant wife open up about 'vanishing twin'

MTV's "The Challenge" star Abram Boise and his wife Rachel Missie Boise recently announced to fans that they are pregnant with their first child. But the pregnancy wasn't what they expected.
In an Instagram post on Sunday, Missie Boise stated that the couple had witnessed what is known as a vanishing twin.
"My husband and I are very happy to announce that we are expecting our first child!" The mom-to-be wrote alongside a photo of herself and Boise, 37, and exchanged a kiss while holding up a sonogram. "That pregnancy started as twins, but in the first trimester my body decided it could only support one baby."
"We have seen what is called a 'vanishing twin'," she continued. "The body sacrifices and reabsorbs the other fetus back into the uterine wall and brings all this food into the strongest baby. We had become so attached to the idea of ​​twins and mourned the loss of what could have been."
"Now let's keep celebrating what is, the good life becomes healthy and strong," concluded Missie Boise. "Our body is so dedicated to protecting and making decisions for the common good. Remember to be gentle, take care of yourself, and love yourself as your body chooses to love you."
Vanishing twin syndrome usually occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy. They are reported more today than in previous years, thanks to advances in ultrasound technology that are helping to detect multiple pregnancies earlier than ever, according to WhatToExpect.com.
It is believed that disappearing twins occur in 20 to 30% of pregnancies, and often the mother does not experience symptoms. In fact, she usually has a normal pregnancy and gives birth to the single baby without complications, according to What To Expect.
Maura Deptula from Chicago, a mother who lost one of her twins during pregnancy a few years ago, told TODAY that she was "impressed by the experience" how deep my sadness was and how she lived alongside my great hope and joy.
"I've had people around me who said things like everything you've been through were worth it because you have this beautiful baby now," she recalled TODAY. "And in the end it will be easier for you to only have one." I will be happier. "
One missing twin left behind another mother, Julie Cook, a Daily Telegraph writer who wondered about the good and bad properties of early-stage ultrasound.
"Scans have tremendous advantages, but do they have a disadvantage?" She wrote on a blog post a few years ago. "Greater technology means greater awareness. But ignorance can sometimes be bliss."

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