The City of Milwaukee Approves $750,000 Settlement for Former Bucks Player Sterling Brown in Police Misconduct Case

In 2018, NBA player Sterling Brown was knocked to the ground and verbally abused by Milwaukee police officers. His crime? Double parking. Three years later, the city approved a $ 750,000 deal for the former Bucks athlete.
According to CBS News, the city's Common Council approved the motion 14-0 unanimously. In January 2018, Brown was approached by a Milwaukee police officer after double parking his car in two handicap spots outside a Walgreen. For some reason, a parking violation resulted in several other officers arriving at the scene, who eventually dumped Brown and verbally abused him.
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Brown was arrested, but he was not charged with any criminal offense. Shortly after the incident, he was playing an NBA game with bruises on his face. While Brown was playing for the Bucks at the time of the incident, he is now a member of the Houston Rockets. Brown filed a lawsuit against the city shortly after the arrest, alleging the officers used excessive force.
Body camera footage of the incident, released by the Milwaukee Police Department, shows the first officer to respond escalating a non-violent situation. An official police report by one of the officers alleged Brown was aggressive and confrontational, but the footage showed that Brown was calm and compliant throughout the arrest. Brown initially approved the deal last November, but the council didn't approve it until Tuesday.
In addition to the $ 750,000, the settlement also includes several policy changes for the Milwaukee Police Department. One such change is that officers are now required to report anytime they draw their gun. It's crazy to me that this is a policy they are just starting to implement. While Brown's attorney requested that the settlement include an admission that his client's civil rights had been violated, it was ultimately not accepted.
“At the end of the day, Mr. Brown wanted to implement guidelines, and he did. And instead of waiting for approval for yourself, it was crucial to change the future for young people, people of color in this city, ”Brown's attorney, Mark Thomsen, wrote in a statement to WDJT.
The political changes in the settlement will be sent to the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission and are expected to be signed by the city's mayor along with Brown.

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