The Conners Kills Off [Spoiler] in Twist

A sudden loss shook Darlene's world at The Conners.
The Conners - Danielle Harris as Molly Tilden
At the beginning of the second episode of the series on Wednesday, Darlene discovered neighbor Molly Tilden (played by Roseanne vet Danielle Harris) was dying of brain cancer. The shocking death was revealed soon after Darlene's reconnection with her teenage rival, which encouraged her to enjoy life to the fullest - something Molly had been doing since she found out she was dying. She bought two premium tickets to Hawaii for herself and Darlene.
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Upon deciding to bring Molly back for an episode just to kill her, showrunner Bruce Helford tells TVLine, "We really thought about what would change Darlene's life. What would make a big impact on Darlene that would make a real impact on her Relationship with Ben towards the end of the season?
“Molly was trying to get Darlene to come out of her shell and taking her to her first concert. So we thought it would be interesting if they lived the same life, they would both marry too young and just never have been in their twenties and thirties, ”explains Helford. "Molly returns to her life and they become friends, which is a real twist on what went on between them [before]." And that something big could happen that would cause Darlene to reevaluate the way she leads her [own] life was a kind of genesis of it all. "
In the end, Darlene and Ben agreed to get a refund on the plane tickets and put the money in an apartment - but Darlene seemed very reluctant when she called the airline to inquire about the refund.
The Conners 3x16 - Ben and Darlene
Helford confirms that Molly's death catapults Darlene into a "midlife crisis" as season 3 comes to an end. "It suddenly feels like she's really aware of her mortality combined with the fact that she actually went out and had a great time and realized she could afford it," says Helford. “She carries the burdens of the world on her [back]. Her personality doesn't allow for much else ... This will definitely affect her relationship with Ben. "
Asked to elaborate on this, Helford said only that tension between Darlene and Ben "will definitely escalate one way or another" before the season ends.
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