The Covid disaster tent in our hospital is packed up yet the virus remains everywhere

... and that's a wrap! A global pandemic was defeated in just a few months, America is back to normal. They say it's done, so it has to be, right?
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Yes, the Covid disaster tent in our hospital - this huge eyesore - is packed and stored for the summer. The waiting rooms fill up more regularly. As more and more departments open up, incredibly quiet halls rave about them again. And yet corona virus is everywhere and I wonder if it will ever go away.
The security protocols created at the beginning of the pandemic at the entrance to the hospital remain: questions, masks, temperature, next good move.
The gift shop has closed and looks like a huge empty terrarium. Everything is gone, except for a banner that reads: "We'll be there together."
Our pre-shift groups are still dominated by reports of mask shortages. We have been told that the government comes to hospitals to store masks and Covid swabs that are not being used. (Which government? Supervisors have no idea.) We receive memos that when we buy our own respirators in quantities of 100 orders or more, we can receive discounted prices. It is up to us to protect ourselves.
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We fill the corridors on the floor again so that the waiting room does not swell. The shifts now fly with all the work. I can't help but wonder how many of the patients we see have an illness just to stay away from the hospital.
The number of coronavirus deaths originally predicted was not seen in California. Given the insidious nature of the virus and our failure to fully track its spread, one day we might still get there. I'm worried about the confusion about how to protect yourself from this pandemic - scientifically or not. I'm worried we'll let go of our guard and get sloppy. Regardless, I will go through these doors and care for as many people as possible.

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