The Dresses Fashion Girls Will Be Wearing This Summer

It is probably not a surprise that in my role as an editor, I spend a large part of my working day looking for emerging fashion trends, shared shopping finds and lively or emerging brands. Every now and then, however, I am lucky that I am presented with one or a combination of the above categories instead. As you probably suspected, this is the case with today's post - Rat & Boas Dresses that recently took over my Instagram feed at an exponential rate.
While the brand, which was launched in 2015, is not particularly new, as most labels do over the course of its life cycle, it seems to be experiencing a period of particular popularity just in time for the summer dressing. Her dresses - most under $ 300 - range from floor-length briefs to minis and come in a mix of solids, prints, and a variety of materials. They are also particularly versatile, as the way in which they can be easily put on or combined shows. Last, but not least, they're just cool across the board, which explains their presence on Instagram accounts of so many of our favorite fashion people. To see everything I'm talking about, and of course buy the essential summer dresses along the way, just keep scrolling.
Rat & Boa Ariel Batik Satin Maxi Dress ($ 229)
I love this shade.
Rat & Boa Juniper Tie-Dye Satin Maxi Dress ($ 229)
This one too!
Rat & Boa Valentina leopard print silk chiffon dress ($ 141)
Yes, it's a bit simple, but the risk is worth the reward.
Rat and Boa Cowl Neck Velvet Leopard Devoré Maxi Dress ($ 258)
Any future brides looking for an uncomplicated dress?
Off-The-Shoulder Metallic Fil Coupe Mini Dress by Rat & Boa ($ 170)
This little mini is just perfect for summer.
Georgette floral maxi dress by Rat & Boa Magnolia ($ 157)
You can easily dress this up or down by swapping different accessories.
Rat & Boa Gisele maxi dress in dotted silk chiffon ($ 141)
This sheer polka dot style was particularly common in my feed.
Rat & Boa Antonia Polka-Dot Off-The-Shoulder Dress ($ 228)
A not black evening dress that is still so classic.
Rat & Boa Fabienne Chiffon Open Back Zebra Print Slip Dress ($ 218)
Ok, I'm actually obsessed with this pressure.
Rat & Boa Liberty Pastel Tie-Dye Slip Dress ($ 180)
Try to imagine this with flat sandals instead of boots.
Rat & Boa Santiago chiffon dress with floral pattern and frill hem ($ 269)
Another style that is easy to put on.
Polka Dot and Boa Mariella Polka Dot Maxi Dress ($ 259)
I love the love of this brand for dabbing on all scales.
Rat & Boa Isabella Leopard Jacquard Satin Mini Dress ($ 167)
Mini still powerful.
Rat & Boa Stevie Satin Mini Dress with Floral Print (USD 229)
Click through and zoom to reveal the hidden buttons.
Rats & Boa Camille Dotted Georgette Dress ($ 254)
All this dress really needs are shoes - otherwise it does all the work for you.
Rat & Boa balloon jacquard mini dress made of satin jacquard ($ 170)
Buy this and you will wear it year after year.
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