The Duffer Brothers On Switching Things Up In ‘Stranger Things’: “We Treat Each Season As Its Own Movie” – Contenders TV

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"A summer can change everything," teased the ad for season 3 of Stranger Things, and it definitely did. The year was 1985, the crew of Hawkins, Indiana was about to grow up, and the newly opened Starcourt Mall was the city's topic of conversation. But the danger was not far away and the fear remained that the seal on the gate between Hawkins and Upside Down could not last forever.
Ross Duffer, co-creator of the series, explained the concept of the latest iteration of the film series at Deadline's virtual event Contenders Television. "We like to treat each season as a separate movie," he said on the panel, which included his brother Matt and star David Harbor. “And so a lot of the discussion goes into the question: 'What will the tone of the season be and how do we do something else? 'Because we want to try different things and not just want to repeat ourselves.
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“So the third season wasn't really about making it bigger, it was really a question of sound, and we realized very early on that we would not only be filming in the summer, but probably also releasing in the summer. And that gave us the idea to do it like in summer, which is a completely different mood than before, what was autumn [in season 1] and Halloween in season 2. And then that gave us [the idea]. We wanted it to feel like one of those big summer blockbusters we grew up with. "
According to Matt Duffer, the co-creator, the concept of the mall came up during a brainstorming session. “I remember one of our writers, Curtis Gwinn, came up with the idea of ​​taking a mall to Hawkins and everything that this means for downtown. We thought that really suits the kind of fun blockbuster summer mood we wanted. We were very, very excited about this mall, and that dictated the story a little bit - our production designers and set designers really re-created what was a 1980s mall. It was a lot of work, so we wanted to make sure our story was somehow centered around the mall so we could take full advantage of it. "
For Harbor, who plays chief of police Jim Hopper, the attention to detail given to the Hawkins mall was most impressive. "I was born in 1975," he said, "so the 80s are my wheelhouse. It was really flawless, the resemblance. I spent a lot of time - a lot of time - in shopping centers in Westchester when I was 13 years old. It so it was pretty perfect. Kudos to the art department. "
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