The FBI’s Investigation Into the Fake Trump Elector Scheme Is Heating Up

NV-GOP-Michael-McDonald.jpg Nevada Republicans protest vote-by-mail law in Las Vegas - Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Federal agents served multiple subpoenas Wednesday morning related to the investigation into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. FBI officials confirmed to The Washington Post that law enforcement had contacted several people who agreed to participate in Trump campaign programs to secure a list of fake Electoral College electors to target Trump despite his defeat in the 2020 presidential election to hold the power.
FBI agents have subpoenaed Georgia Republican Party leader David Schaffer and Georgia attorney Brad Carver, who falsely claimed to be a "duly elected and qualified" electoral college voter. Carver is one of 16 signatories to a document currently under investigation by the Justice Department.
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Nevada's 8 News Now reported later Wednesday that authorities also confiscated the cell phone of Nevada Republican Chairman Michael McDonald as part of their investigation into bogus voters. In December 2020, 8 News Now reported that six Nevada GOP voters signed papers pledging support for Donald Trump. The signing ceremony coincided with the state's official count to determine the distribution of the electoral vote.
The Jan. 6 committee announced Tuesday that the Trump campaign helped organize sham voters from every battleground state to overthrow the 2020 election. Voters often signed false credentials that were submitted to national archives to illegally trick Trump into winning the election. Former Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox testified before the Jan. 6 committee that she was briefed by a Trump campaign attorney on plans for Michigan Republicans to hide out in the state capitol overnight, to cast their votes.
The Jan. 6 committee findings show that efforts to undermine the electoral college vote reached as far as the US Senate. The committee announced Tuesday that Sen. Ron Jonson (R-Wisc.) planned to hand Vice President Mike Pence documents outlining an alternative, bogus group of pro-Trump electors minutes before the VP would confirm Joe Biden's election should. Shortly after the attempted surrender of the Capitol complex
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