The fun new TikTok trend is eating frozen honey and getting diarrhea

A fine collection of honey, ready to freeze, eaten too quickly and worked to ruin the guts of some TikTokers.
TikTok's cultural avant-garde has embraced a new trend that is solely to freeze some honey, eat it on camera, and then most likely spend the rest of the day crushing a bathroom. After learning very little from the years they spent on the internet with tide pods and nutmeg, the extremely online made the decision to chew on frozen honey from water bottles to take on a new challenge.
NBC News has detailed the trend, which at the time of writing had 667.3 million views under the #FrozenHoney tag and 89.7 million for the #FrozenHoneyChallenge variant. Every video is pretty much the same. Someone shows the frozen honey, takes a big bite that aches our teeth with compassion, and then comments on the taste.
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We don't know why it is so popular. The article suggests that TikTok likely came about after it was “an integral part of YouTube channels devoted to the autonomous sensory meridian response, also known as ASMR, where content creators eat frozen honey to sound that some people find relaxing ”.
That's all well and good, apart from the fact that people who tried the challenge sometimes say they felt sick or ran to the bathroom with diarrhea, which is not surprising given that they are firing a large amount of it right now have a bottle of honey in their bowels. To bolster common sense, the article cites experts warning the challenge could lead to fun things like "diarrhea, stomach cramps, gas, and other side effects." One of them is the concern "that the sticky substance could injure people's teeth, cause tooth decay and pull out fillings".
TikTok Users: We encourage you to break free from the tyranny of the algorithm. No need to give yourself diarrhea and rip out your fillings to have fun on the platform. Why not enjoy innovations in rickrolling or spend your time singing shanties, time travel exploring and trying to hex the moon instead?
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