‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’: Zac Efron Enters the Vietnam War with a Six-Pack in True Story

Zac Efron is determined to take his six pack (beer) to the front lines of the Vietnam War.
The first trailer for the Apple Original Film, The Greatest Beer Run Ever, introduces Efron as Chickie Donohue, a real-life hero who traveled to Vietnam during the war to bring soldiers their favorite American beer.
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What began as a well-intentioned journey, according to an official synopsis, quickly becomes the adventure of a lifetime as Chickie confronts the reality of this controversial war and his reunions with his childhood pals push him into the complexities and responsibilities of adulthood. The film is based on the 2020 book The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A Memoir of Friendship, Loyalty and War by Joanna Molloy and John "Chickie" Donohue.
Peter Farrelly ("Green Book") directed the film and adapted the screenplay with Brian Currie and Pete Jones.
Russell Crowe, Jake Picking, Will Ropp, Archie Renaux, Kyle Allen, Ruby Ashbourne Serkis and Bill Murray also star in the film, which premieres September 30 in select theaters and worldwide on AppleTV+.
"When I met Zac, I realized he was at a very interesting point in his career," writer/director Farrelly told People. "He said, 'I really want to do something different.' And what I think he's doing here is that."
Farrell continued, "What I love about it is that there have been Vietnam films but never one that was told from [that] point of view, and that's what's interesting. He's looking at it from where America looked at it, not from where the soldiers looked at it. They were right in the middle of it, but we were outside looking in, and this is a guy who thought he knew what was going on from what he saw on the news. But he went over and found it was very different.”
The Greatest Beer Run Ever is produced by David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Don Granger on behalf of Skydance with Andrew Muscato and Jake Myers.
The Greatest Beer Run Ever makes its world premiere on TIFF before hitting select theaters and worldwide on AppleTV+ on September 30.
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American film director, producer and screenwriter

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